Keys to Success 2024: Online Marketing Strategy

Give your online marketing strategy a boost with our keys to success. Learn how to strengthen your asphalt business presence online with our guides.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on March 21

Updated for 2024

2024 is going to be your year, and you want to start the sealcoating season right. But is your marketing campaign falling behind already? Do you have the right tools to market your asphalt repair services, and are you on the right social media platforms? Does your sealcoating company even have a presence on Google and other search engines?

If the answer is no, then read on. In this roundup blog, we're going to discuss the importance of having a robust presence online and how to create your business profiles on Facebook, Google Business Profile, and YouTube. We'll also teach you how to ask customers to leave your company positive reviews online. Let's get started!

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

How to set up your Facebook Business page

Set up your Facebook Business page for success

If you haven't set up your Facebook business page yet, then you're definitely missing out. In the US alone, more than 180 million people have signed up and are using this hugely popular networking site. Whether users are on Facebook to post vacation photos or for business, it doesn't matter. The point is you have to leverage the social networking site's sheer number of users to market your asphalt maintenance business and reach more customers.

Want to start your FB business page now? Then check out our easy-to-follow guide on how to set up your own Facebook business page.

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Creating Your Asphalt Business YouTube Channel

Set up a YouTube channel

Start your own asphalt business YouTube channel

Another platform where you can reach millions of potential customers is YouTube. There are many reasons why you should start a YouTube channel for your sealcoating company.

Apart from showcasing your sealcoating and crack repair skills, you can also upload how-to guides, explainers, or even reach out to your customers by hosting a webinar or an AMA (ask-me-anything) on this site. With YouTube, your creativity is your only limit.

Don't have a YouTube channel for your asphalt repair business yet? Check out how to set up your asphalt maintenance business YouTube channel.

How to Set Up Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is free and can get your business on Google Maps

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is the most powerful tool on the internet to market your sealcoating company. This platform makes your company easier to find online, and can even boost your site's overall SEO ranking.

So without further ado, here's how you can list your asphalt maintenance business on Google Business Profile.

Check out our 9 Tips for Your Asphalt Company’s Google Business Profile when you're done listing your company on the platform.

How to Get More Reviews From Customers

How to get more customer reviews

Get more reviews on your Google Business Profile

We also created a resource on how to get more positive reviews from customers. In this blog, we're going to discuss the online platforms where you can list your asphalt maintenance business, and how to encourage customers to leave a positive review online. We're also going to discuss how to deal with negative reviews you get online.

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We hope that you will find this roundup blog helpful in your journey as an asphalt maintenance business owner.

Reach out to us via phone or email for free expert advice on sealcoating supplies and equipment or how to get your business off the ground this year.

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