4 Tips on How to Get More Referrals for Your Sealcoating Business

Struggling to get leads and acquire more customers? Here are our 4 tips on how to get more referrals for your sealcoating business.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on September 17

Getting new customers for your sealcoating business can be challenging. But you can attract more customers and grow your asphalt maintenance business with these referral tips. 

1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It might seem old-school, but word-of-mouth marketing is still very effective even in the digital age.

We previously talked to John Evans, president of EverLine Coatings and Services, and he said that the cheapest form of marketing is still word of mouth. It’s easy, too, as you're basically creating a salesforce off of your clients.

But who are the people that you should approach?

There are three types of people you should approach (the three levels of prospecting).

Let’s say you have three circles surrounding you. The circle closest to you are the people you know. These could be your friends, your cousins, acquaintances from church, the people you knew from high school, etc.

Next are the people that your friends, family members, and acquaintances know. These two types of people are the most likely to give you their business.

When you've exhausted these avenues, you can now start cold calling people in your area. “Cold calling” in the asphalt maintenance business doesn’t just mean sitting in your office and phoning your prospects all day long.

This strategy also involves heading to the location, knocking on people’s doors, and leaving a professional proposal for them to consider. You can also “cold call” by running some ads on Facebook (which we’ll discuss later on).

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2. Build Your Online Presence and Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Websites, social media, and other modern marketing tools have been a boon to many businesses, including those in the sealcoating industry. But are you using these tools to their fullest extent?

If you’re struggling with building your online presence and using social media, then we’ve got some tips for you.

We recommend that you create a contact list based on the three levels of prospecting we've discussed above and run some retargeting campaigns on Facebook for those on the list. They'll see your ads on social media, resulting in greater exposure to your business.

Facebook and Instagram get the most results because of the sheer number of people using these sites. Both social networking sites are fantastic for acquiring residential and commercial customers.


But if you're targeting property owners or facility/property managers, then it's best to reach out to them using LinkedIn. When using this social networking site, make sure to target prospective customers based on their job titles, the company they work for, and their location.

Google My Business is another under-utilized online tool that you can use. Check out this article to learn how to use Google My Business to get more customers.

3. Let Your Work Speak for Itself

To get more referrals, it’s crucial to do a good job and let your work speak for itself.

What if you’re new to the area or you’re just starting out in the business? Then start out by offering a demo job to select customers and let word of mouth do its job. You can also ask them if you can leave a sign in their yard to advertise your company.

Another strategy you can try is to provide free asphalt maintenance services for a charity in your area and ask the press to do a feature that can be linked back to your website.

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4. Make Sure That Your Company Stands Out

Try sponsoring events to reach more people and get more referrals. This strategy is more effective than, say, running an ad on a restaurant placeholder or other similar tactics.

First impressions last so make sure that you and your crew look professional. Keep your company vehicle clean, and make sure that it looks legitimate with a professional paint job and stenciling. Also, ensure that your truck, as well as your sealcoating and crack repair equipment, are in tip-top shape.


Last but not least, nurture your relationship with your customers so it’s easier to ask them for referrals. Send them a thank-you card after you’ve repaired cracks or sealcoated their driveways.

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