4 Reasons To Start YouTube Channel for Your Sealcoating Company

Looking for an effective way to reach more leads online? Read our article below on why you should start a YouTube channel for your sealcoating company.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on November 16

Have you been struggling to acquire leads and get more customers for your asphalt maintenance business lately? You've sent out hundreds of proposals and used Facebook and Instagram to reach prospects, but the results have been modest. They aren't bad, but they could be better.

If you've tried these marketing methods, but the results have been less than stellar, then it's probably time to give YouTube a go.


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Why You Need to Start a YouTube Channel For Your Sealcoating Business

There are many benefits to creating a YouTube channel for your asphalt maintenance business. Check them out below.

1. YouTube is a platform that allows you to reach millions of people

To prove the point, let's check the numbers. As of 2021, YouTube is the second largest social media platform worldwide, with at least 2.3 billion users logging into the website at least once a month.

And that's just people who have logged into their Google accounts. Factor in the users who viewed a video but didn't have a Google account or didn't log in to their accounts, and the number of total users/viewers per month is definitely higher.

But it's not just a simple social media platform.

With thousands of diverse, informative, and accessible videos uploaded on the website every day, YouTube has also become the second most popular search engine after Google.

That's why it's now essential for sealcoating businesses to have a YouTube channel.

With a well-produced YouTube video, you can reach an infinite number of people in your area and potentially acquire leads.

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The Secret to Growing Your Business Fast

Sealcoating is Life YouTube Channel

Let's take the Sealcoating is Life YouTube channel as an example. This popular channel features two sealcoaters showing people how sealer is applied and nothing more. The videos typically last no more than 10 minutes, and no one talks throughout most of the video.

The videos might seem boring to some people, but simplicity is their selling point. The camerawork and editing are seamless, while the music is upbeat yet relaxing. I bet even people who are not interested in sealcoating watch these videos.

As of the time of writing, the Sealcoating is Life YouTube channel has more than 50,000 subscribers, and most of its short sealcoating videos have racked up tens of thousands of views.

One even has a whopping 4.7 million views.

Impressive, isn't it?

Check out our interview with SEALCOATING IS LIFE

Now imagine the number of people you can reach if your business has a YouTube channel like this. One of your videos can potentially go viral and land you that million-dollar client you've been waiting for.

2. It's a free way to sell your services online

Chances are high that you've tried knocking on doors, cold calling, and distributing flyers. You've had some success with these methods, but let's face it, these methods have cost you hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars.

YouTube is a "free" way to get your business out there and introduce your services to potential clients.

All you need is a smartphone with a good camera and microphone, internet connection to upload your video, and you're all set to introduce your sealcoating and crack repair services to the world (or at least, your city).

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3. Having a YouTube channel is a great way to boost your online presence

Does your sealcoating company have a website that you're trying to get off the ground for many months now?

Then creating a YouTube channel is a surefire way to boost your company's online presence and improve engagement.

To do this, you have to:

  1. Produce great content
  2. Write some fantastic descriptions for your video
  3. Put your website's URL in the video's description
  4. Add links to any other social media pages you might have.

4. Your YouTube channel can be a source of extra income during the off-season

Asphalt maintenance is a lucrative business, but let's face it, it can only be done under ideal conditions. Once the air starts to get nippy, you'll need to put your supplies and equipment into storage and do something else to earn money.

If you have a YouTube channel with engaging content, you can earn extra money even during fall and winter. It's a great way to offset any deficit in your budget as you wait for spring to come back.

Read our blog for more sealcoating business and marketing tips. You can also reach the Asphalt Kingdom team at 1-866-399-5562 or drop us a line at sales@asphaltkingdom.com for free expert advice on sealcoating and crack repair.

If you're convinced that you want to start your own sealcoating YouTube channel, get SEALCOATING IS LIFE's 5 tips on starting a channel now.

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