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How Long Do You Need to Stay Off The Driveway After Applying Sealcoating?

Now sure how long to stay off the driveway after applying sealcoating? Here's what you need to know to make sure you don't mess up your sealcoat job.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 09

Remember that one time you painted a piece of furniture at home and you or someone else touched the surface believing that it had dried but it was not? You had to repaint that portion, or if the damage was too extensive, redo the whole process. If you’re not careful, that can happen when you have your driveway sealcoated, too.

Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot is not exactly cheap, so make sure that you let it dry and cure properly before driving or walking on it. But how long do you need to stay off the driveway after applying sealcoating? Let's find out.

When applied under ideal conditions, you can walk on a sealcoated pavement three hours after application. But if you want to drive on it, then you have to wait a minimum of 12 hours for it to dry and cure. If it’s overcast or if rain is in the forecast, then the drying and curing process will definitely take much longer. For optimum results, we recommend that you use 48 to 72 hours after sealcoat was applied. 

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The Best Time to Apply Sealcoating

The day should be sunny. Whether you're using coal tar sealer or asphalt emulsion, you should make sure that the day's temperature doesn't dip below 50°F or rise above 120°F. Make it a habit to check the weather forecast every day to know whether the day is going to be sunny or overcast.

It's not too humid. Humidity is one of the  factors that can affect the length of time sealcoating dries and cures. The higher the amount of moisture in the air, the longer it takes for the sealcoat material to dry and cure. So if you're working on a driveway and want it to dry quickly, then make sure that the humidity level is lower than 60%. Again, check your local forecast for each day’s humidity levels.

The pavement is fully dry. Moisture can make it difficult for sealcoat material to adhere to the surface and prevent it from drying properly. Watch out for rain and postpone sealcat application if it has rained over the past 24 hours or if there's a shower in the forecast.

Learn more about sealcoat drying and curing time with this handy Asphalt Kingdom video explainer:


Accelerating the Drying and Curing Process

If rain is imminent in the next 24 hours and you want to speed up the drying and curing process, then you might want to use a sealcoat additive. Asphalt Kingdom offers premium sealing additives to hasten the drying and curing process. Check them out below.

Fass-Dri Pavement Sealer Additive

Fass Dry: How long to stay off the driveway after sealcoating

Features nano-cure technology that ensures faster sealcoat drying and curing. Easy to use and economical additive for commercial and residential applications.


FSA Fast Sealing Additive


Another sealing additive that cuts down the drying and curing time in half. Also improves sand dispersion and helps stop tracking.



Learn more about the best time of year to sealcoat the driveway.

We also have an application temperature cheat sheet for all you new and veteran contractors out there.

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