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What Contractors Should Do When Customers Don’t Pay

Struggling with late payments? Discover strategies & tools to ensure quick payments. Call now for expert help and keep your contracting business thriving!

If you could always guarantee that customers would pay their bills on time, contracting might be the best job in the world. But hey, we live on planet Earth, and sometimes customers can’t — or won’t, pay their bills. And if you’re just in your first few years of contracting, you know that late payments aren’t just annoying — they can be a real threat to your livelihood.

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How to Fix Alligator Cracks in Your Asphalt: DIY Guide

Learn how to effectively fix alligator cracks using Gator Patch with this DIY asphalt maintenance guide for quick & lasting asphalt repair.

Ever drove down a road and felt that familiar jolt from a hidden pothole? Those surprise craters are often the result of something called "alligator cracks." These aren't your average driveway flaws. They're a network of interconnected cracks that resemble alligator skin, hence the name. While they might seem like a cosmetic issue, alligator cracks are actually a silent threat to your asphalt pavement’s health.

But don’t worry, fixing alligator cracks doesn't require a construction crew or a hefty bill. Meet Gator Patch, a simple, DIY asphalt repair solution that lets you fix these cracks quickly and easily, transforming your driveway from a potential danger zone to a smooth, safe ride.

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The Green, the Clean, and the Blacktop: Choosing Your Lucrative Home Service Business

Stuck in a one-service rut? Discover how to combine services, boost revenue, and streamline operations with complementary offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Lawn care is a stable market ($105 billion), recurring revenue, competitive, and seasonal. 
  • Pressure washing is a growing market ($1.8 billion), with high profits, low startup costs, seasonal, and physical. 
  • Asphalt maintenance is a specialized niche ($4 billion), high demand, profitable, and requires investment and knowledge.

Starting a home services business can be an exciting and profitable venture. With a variety of options available, it can be challenging to determine which niche is the most lucrative. In this blog, we will compare three popular home service industries: lawn care, pressure washing, and asphalt maintenance. We'll explore the profitability, market trends, and potential for growth in each sector, ultimately highlighting how asphalt maintenance can complement other home services.

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5 BEST Father and Son Business Ideas

The best way for a father and son to bond: Doing what you love and making money together!

  • Find out why it's great for fathers and sons to build and run a business together.
  • Asphalt maintenance, automotive repair, and home renovation are the top choices.
  • Discover ways to get started in these business ventures.


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A Dozen More Reasons to Start: The Beginners Guide to Starting an Asphalt Maintenance Business

Discover key insights from 12 experienced asphalt maintenance professionals to successfully launch your own business!

Starting a business will always make you feel like butterflies, elephants, and frogs are in your stomach. To a handful of people, some have already paved their chosen path. Luckily for us aspiring to build our asphalt maintenance business, we are part of that handful.

We have gathered 12 veterans to pass on the hard-earned wisdom that only comes from years in the trenches. Whether you're rolling out your first driveway or setting your sights on large commercial projects, this collection of no-nonsense advice from those who've been where you're heading is INVALUABLE.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Pristine Asphalt Maintenance

Discover the most effective cleaning agents and methods for maintaining your asphalt pavement.

Keeping Your Asphalt Pristine: Why It Matters

Key Takeaways

  • Consistency Matters: Regularly clean your asphalt to prevent deterioration.
  • Right Tools for the Job: Use non-metallic brushes and suitable cleaners like soda, detergent, and eco-friendly vinegar and baking soda.
  • Eco and Safety First: Choose environmentally friendly options and wear protective gear during cleaning.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Incorporate sealcoating and crack filling to extend asphalt life.
  • Seasonal Planning: Schedule thorough cleanings during spring and fall to prepare for extreme weather.
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The 5 Key Reasons Your Asphalt Business Must Have a Website

Discover the top 5 reasons why having a website for your asphalt business is essential for boosting visibility and expanding your market reach.

Are you running an asphalt business and haven't ventured online with a dedicated website? You're not just missing out—you're giving your competitors a head start. These days, a strong online presence is non-negotiable, and here's why your asphalt business needs its website.

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Paving the Way for Pristine Roads: The Power Sweeper's Mighty Impact

Learn how power sweepers clean surfaces thoroughly, extend road lifespan, enhance safety, reduce costs & promote sustainability.

So, what exactly are power sweepers? Think of them as gentle giants, meticulously cleaning our asphalt surfaces. With their powerful brushes and suction systems, they effortlessly clear away debris, grime, and anything that dares to mar the pristine beauty of our pavement.

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Navigating the Lines: How Pavement Markings Keep Us Safe on the Road

This comprehensive guide explores the importance of pavement markings in road safety!

Pavement markings are more than just paint on the road. They're a vital part of our transportation system, providing essential information to drivers and pedestrians alike. From dividing lanes to indicating crosswalks, they help organize and direct traffic, reducing confusion and preventing accidents.

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The Versatile Workhorse: An Inside Look at Rotary Brooms for Road Maintenance

This comprehensive guide explores the versatility and benefits of rotary brooms for efficient asphalt maintenance. Discover optimal sweeping performance!

Cleaning driveways using a hand-held broom is so last century. It takes time, energy, and by the time you’ve finished, the day is already over. This is where rotary brooms come in.

Rotary brooms are the unsung heroes of road maintenance. With their spinning brushes and powerful sweeping action, these machines can tackle debris, leaves, sand and other material on paved surfaces quickly and efficiently. 

Want to learn more about these trusty machines? Keep reading for a comprehensive deep dive into the world of rotary brooms! We'll cover everything from types and sizes to optimal operation techniques and maintenance. Gain an appreciation for the versatility and benefits of this important equipment.

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