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How to Stripe a Parking Lot

Painting professional lines on an asphalt parking lot requires the proper preparation, measurements, line striping machine, and cleanup.

Fresh lines can have a significant impact on the organization and curb appeal of any parking lot. Fortunately, achieving that professional look is also a very simple process when you follow the four major steps below:

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Here's What to Do After Sealcoating

After sealcoating, keep traffic off the asphalt until it's fully cured, clean stains immediately, wash it frequently, and paint new parking lot lines.

Sealcoating is one of the most important measures a property manager can take to maintain the long-term health of an asphalt surface. It creates a barrier that will protect the blacktop from constant threats. The job doesn’t end once the sealer has stopped spraying, though. To reap the full benefits of complete asphalt maintenance, there are several additional steps you should take after you’re done sealcoating.

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How Sealcoating Protects Asphalt

Applying asphalt sealer every two years creates a protective barrier against the effects of the sun, moisture, temperature and traffic on your blacktop.

Asphalt is not a solid fixture to be laid down once and left to the elements, never to be maintained. It is a dynamic material that requires ongoing care for a prolonged lifespan. Sealcoating the surface every two years is therefore critical. While applying sealer is easy enough that anyone can do it with little knowledge of how it works, understanding exactly why asphalt deteriorates and how sealcoating prevents this will better equip you to care for your asphalt—sealcoating, and beyond.

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Start Small With Crack Repair

Crack repair is the simplest, most affordable way to start earning money in the asphalt maintenance industry.

What You Need To Know To Be Successful

Are you looking for a satisfying, lucrative job in an evergreen market? A market that stays strong, regardless of the economy? Perhaps you're looking to add a service to your existing asphalt business, maintenance business, or home care business.

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Night Sealcoating

Night sealcoating tips include daylight inspections, ensuring proper visibility, using additives, checking the weather, and properly disposing of debris.

Asphalt maintenance is an excellent career opportunity for anyone who wants to be their own boss, enjoys working with their hands outside, and isn’t afraid of hard work. Success in this exciting business, however, requires entrepreneurship and the ability to strategize ways of expanding and maximizing your services.

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How to Prepare for Line Striping

A successful line striping project requires careful preparation, such as ensuring the blacktop is in good condition, the weather is accommodating, the surface is clear, and that your markings are properly measured, before you begin.

No asphalt maintenance effort would be truly complete without a fresh layer of paint over your lines and symbols. Skip this step, and you’ll miss an opportunity to add valuable curb appeal to the property, organize the layout of your lot or driveway, and comply with regulations. It's unwise to simply grab a can of paint and brush and begin line striping without a plan, however.

As with any task, conducting due diligence and the proper preparation beforehand is critical to achieving the best results. For line striping, this involves four important steps: 

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How a Sealcoat Sprayer Works

Asphalt sealcoat sprayer systems utilize an engine and pump to draw sealer from a source, flow it through a hose, and dispense it out a spray gun for surface application.

Investing in an asphalt sealcoat sprayer is an excellent way to professionally sealcoat blacktop surfaces, saving significant time and up to 40% of material while doing so. The equipment might seem a bit complicated to those new to asphalt sealcoating, but this is not the case. A sealcoat sprayer operates in a relatively straightforward manner, as you’ll learn below.

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The Benefits of Using a Line Striping Machine

A line striping machine can get the job done faster, with less materials, and better results.

Line striping is a necessary step in any complete asphalt maintenance process. It’s that finishing touch that takes a fully maintained and sealed parking lot to the next level, while creating an attractive means of keeping traffic on the property organized and safe. With such important purposes, it’s critical to accomplish this in the most efficient and effective way possible—for the good of your property and your wallet.

Using a line striping machine to do so holds three significant benefits:  

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Best Accessories for Your Sealcoating Equipment

Utilizing the best sealcoating equipment and accessories can save you time, money and resources. Several innovative items to help improve efficiencies and maximize productivity include the Wand Wizard Edger, spray system Filter Kit, and Truck or Trailer Mount Hose Reel.

Improving efficiencies is a critical component of operating a successful asphalt sealcoating business. Correcting errors, repairing broken equipment and performing duplicate tasks expends time, money and resources better applied servicing customers and making more sales. Utilizing the best sealcoating supplies and equipment on the market can reduce waste, maximize productivity and boost your bottom line.

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5 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Asphalt Business

Generating leads is critical to the growth of your asphalt maintenance business. Optimizing your website, staying active on social media, organizing contests, and participating in local events are just some of the ways to expand your contact base.

The asphalt maintenance business is a profitable one. With scores of property owners in your area looking to repair their asphalt surfaces at any time, there’s no shortage of potential business out there. Turning those strangers into customers can be a breeze when you know how to sell and have the right supplies and equipment to get the job done right, but finding those leads to nurture into customers can be tricky.

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