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What Are the Standard Dimensions of a Parking Space?

The exact dimensions of a parking space will depend on local regulations and factors such as parking lot traffic, the angle relative to the curb, and accessibility.

Like most maintenance projects, repairing the lines on your parking lot will be less expensive if completed by you. In fact, taking a little time to do the work yourself can save you and your facility as much as 90% per linear foot versus what a contractor would have charged. Unlike other asphalt maintenance jobs such as crack filling and sealcoating, however, line striping properly requires adherence to highly specific measurements mandated by various governing bodies. 

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Preparing a Crack for Filling

Asphalt cracks must be cleared of debris, dried, and measured before they can be filled properly. Asphalt Kingdom has the knowledge and tools to help.

With the sun, rain, ice and traffic constantly assaulting your asphalt surface, cracks developing in the blacktop is an all too common experience for countless property owners and managers – one that can lead to greater damage and even hazardous conditions!

When they do appear, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening and leading to more extensive, and expensive, repairs. Doing so effectively requires the right preparation—otherwise, you'll be wasting your time and your asphalt will continue to deteriorate

Here are several useful tips to help you properly prepare a crack for filling:

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The Line Striping Machine Buyer's Guide

Finding the right line striping machine will depend on the kind of projects you will be using it for and the size of the asphalt surfaces you plan on painting. This buyer's guide will help you get started.

Asphalt line striping machines come in a variety of models with specific features best suited for certain projects.

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How to Sealcoat Edges

Sealcoating edges is best performed with a precision-focused accessory, such as the Wand Wizard Edger.

Sealcoating a driveway or parking lot is not only one of the most important steps a property manager can take to maintain it and prolong its lifespan, it’s also an investment that can add value and curb appeal to the property. An attractive, dark coat of sealer will only look professional, though, when the entire surface is sealed evenly and neatly—including its edges

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What's It Like to Sealcoat an Airport?

Sealcoating an airport entails the same easy processes as other asphalt surfaces, while providing significant additional safety benefits.

Like any other asphalt surface, airport runways and aprons need to be maintained properly to avoid damage. This responsibility is even greater at airports to prevent cracks or potholes that could jeopardize the safety of aircraft and passengers. 

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How to Sealcoat Asphalt

Sealcoating an asphalt surface includes preparing the site and your tools, ensuring weather conditions are acceptable, blocking off the area from traffic, and applying the sealer.

Applying a fresh coat of sealer to an asphalt surface is one of the most important steps to maximizing the longevity of a driveway or parking lot. It’s also one of the easiest. All it takes to properly apply sealer to blacktop is following a handful of simple steps. With just a little bit of practice, anyone can master this important task, while also saving a bundle in the short and long term. 

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Streamlining a Sealcoating Business With Bulk Sealer Deliveries

Purchasing asphalt sealer in bulk and receiving spot tanker deliveries at the job site saves time and money.

A general rule of thumb for virtually any business is to buy supplies in bulk, whenever possible. The asphalt maintenance industry is no different. 

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When's the Best Time of Year to Sealcoat My Driveway?

The best time of year to sealcoat your driveway is during the summer months, when temperatures are warm and the air is dry.

Sealcoating is one of the most proactive steps a homeowner can take to ensure the longevity of their driveway. Professionals recommend a driveway should be resealed once every three years. But when that comes around, what time of the year is best? 

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How to Grow Your Line Striping Business

Expanding into new locations and types of customers, upgrading your equipment, and optimizing your digital presence are several ways to grow your line striping business.

The asphalt maintenance industry is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and become their own boss. One category of asphalt maintenance with great income potential, whether on its own or in addition to other blacktop services, is line striping. With any successful business, though, there comes a time when management must begin considering next steps, and how to grow their company even more. 

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How to Get Your Sealcoating Spray System Ready for Use

Preparing a sealcoating spray system for use entails: checking fluid levels, drain plugs and valves; ensuring it's properly primed; and loading the sealer.

You’ve got your spray system, you’ve got your sealer, you’ve surveyed and prepped the surface of your asphalt, and you're eager to get started. Now all that’s left is to get that sealcoat spray system ready to work, and you’ll be able to start applying sealer to an asphalt surface to protect it from the elements.

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