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Three Common Asphalt Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Posted by Judson Burdon on July 08

Painting parking lot lines is a great stand-alone business or add-on to an existing sealcoating or property maintenance business.  It's fast, satisfying work and it helps improve traffic flow and a building's aesthetics.

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Parking Lot Surface Preparation

Posted by Judd Burdon on June 11


Whether you are a professional who works on parking lots for a living and you have years of experience in the business, or you are just getting started, you want to make sure that you have the surface of the parking lot completely prepared before you do any work on it including crack filling, seal coating, and parking lot line painting.

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Bulk Sealer Tanks – Save Time and Money on Large Jobs

Posted by Judd Burdon on June 04

When you first started out in the asphalt business, you probably were fine just using the smaller drums and totes for your sealers.   You had time (and the patience!) to drive to sealer plants, transfer, fill, clean, and maintain the containers.  However, as we all know, the fastest path to success is to leverage efficiency.  If you want your business to grow, you will need to make sure that the equipment that you are using is growing along with it. You are not going to have an easy time covering the parking lot of a sports center or a shopping mall if you only have small drums.

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Sealcoating Tips

Posted by Guest on May 09

Sealcoating Tips


Share your Asphalt Sealing tips on the most popular asphalt maintenance site on the net. You can comment below with your sealcoating tips, or read tips that have been sent to us.

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How to Start a Striping Business

Posted by Judson Burdon on April 03

Do you want to become your own boss? Parking lot striping can be a fantastic option for many out there. Whether you want to start a striping business for part time or fulltime work,  there is always going to be a need to keep parking lot lines fresh and crisp.  And when you are your own boss, you can choose your own hours. It has the potential to be a very profitable business, and it is not too difficult to start. However, it is not as simple as buying a little bit of equipment and starting. You want to know how to start a striping business the right way.

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Priming your Sealcoat Spray System

Posted by Judson Burdon on March 07

It’s very important to prime your sealcoat spray system for a variety of reasons; to keep your unit in top shape, avoid blockages and keep it running smoothly. Here are the best ways to do so. Whether you have the AK Drum Spray System, the AK Tote Spray System, or the AK130 Residential Sealcoat Sprayer, we’ve got you covered.

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Asphalt Welding: A Great Money-Maker

Posted by Judson Burdon on January 30

If you have an asphalt sealcoating business, you can make even more money through a simple little service offering. Let's face it: you're already going to driveways and parking lots and you're already doing the crack filling and the seal coating.

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Choose Large Stencil Letters for Your Painting Business

Posted by Judd Burdon on March 21

Do you have a painting business? If you are looking for a way to expand your business and add more clients, it might be time to consider adding something new to your services. A great way to find extra clients around town is to offer things such as parking lot and curb painting. You will find there is more to painting a parking lot than just striping.

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Topics: Accessories, blacktop maintenance, Line striping, parking lots, Sealcoating business

Choose the Right Letter Stencils for Painting

Posted by Judd Burdon on February 20

Whether you need to paint an address on the curb in front of your home or you are a professional painting parking spaces and roadways, you need to make sure you have the right stencils for the job. Trying to paint without stencils is simply not possible, at least if you want the writing to be legible. You can find a range of stencil options and kits that can help you with the job. However, you should have a good idea of just what you need before buying. The following information can help make sure you are choosing the best stencils for your needs.

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Topics: Accessories, Line striping, parking lots, stencils

Judson Burdon Speaks To MBA Class About Starting Your Own Business

Posted by Judd Burdon on March 28



I had the great pleasure to speak not once, but twice, this week at the University Of Utah’s MBA class about how to start your own business. Not only was it exciting to share with a room of students that being your own boss gives you the best job security in tough economic times, but it was also very exciting to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive and well in the West!

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Tips and tricks from the world of asphalt maintenance: sealcoating, line striping, crack repair and more.


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