7 Best Asphalt Sealer Removal Products

Found sealer overspray on your car or garage door? Don't fret! Here's our handy guide on some of the best products you can use to remove asphalt sealer.

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Posted by Judson Burdon on October 21

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Let's face it. No matter how careful you are with sealcoating a client's driveway, you're bound to have a bit of overspray sooner or later.

But not to worry. Asphalt sealer is easy to remove when you have the right product. Read our handy guide on how to remove asphalt sealer with some of the best products you can buy online or at your local hardware.

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Karnak Karna-Klean

Karnak Karna-KleanDon't let the fruity scent fool you. This is one tough cleaner that can remove the dried sealer, grease, and other hard-to-remove stains from different surfaces. This petroleum-free and citrus-based solvent is safe to use on cars, concrete walls, aluminum garage doors, and even plastic surfaces. It can also be used to remove sealer stains on painted surfaces.

Simply spray a generous amount of Karna-Clean onto your truck, your client's garage door, or concrete wall and wait for a few minutes for the cleaner to emulsify dried asphalt. Next, get a garden hose and rinse it off until the surface is completely clean.

Make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product as it can cause skin irritation.

Karnak Karna-Klean is just one of the many citrus-based products you can use to remove asphalt sealer from different surfaces. Just visit your local auto parts store to check out similar products.

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Oil-FloOil-Flo is a biodegradable and water-soluble solution that removes sealer from different surfaces.

Simply spray Oil-Flo on the overspray or smudge to agitate the dried sealer and emulsify it. Use sparingly and let it sit for a few minutes.

If you're cleaning a wall or garage door, put a hay wattle or rag underneath to prevent the product from flowing down storm drains. Using a hose, rinse the affected area and let the wattle or rag absorb any wastewater.

The great thing about Oil-Flo is that it can be used on different surfaces including wood, automotive surface, metal, and more.

Note: Don't use this product to remove asphalt sealer from Lexan and Plexiglass.

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Commercially Available Paint and Epoxy Remover

A simple floor stripper or paint and epoxy remover is something you can use to remove asphalt sealer. A caveat, though: you can only use paint and epoxy remover on concrete, metal, wood, and masonry. Do not use this on vehicles and walls as the product could strip the clear coat or paint off.

How do you one use this product to remove asphalt sealer?

If you’re cleaning a concrete floor, then start by pouring a moderate amount of paint and epoxy remover or floor stripper on the stained area (just enough to cover the stain or smudge). Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the affected area with a stainless steel stripper brush (be careful not to scrape the surface!).

Don't let the product dry on the surface. Rinse it off with a power washer to get rid of the residue.

You can also use floor strippers to remove asphalt sealer, but it is not as effective as paint and epoxy remover.

Use a piece of cloth or a non-abrasive pad if you’re removing asphalt sealer from more delicate surfaces. 

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Goof Off Professional Strength Remover

Goof Off Professional Strength RemoverAnother product you can use to get rid of asphalt sealer stains is Goof Off. This product can be used to remove asphalt and tar from a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, glass, concrete, and more. It can also be used to remove sealer stains from your car.

Simply spray Goof Off onto the stained surface or pour a generous amount of the product onto a white microfiber cloth to scrub the sealer off the surface. Use laminate film gloves to prevent skin irritation.

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Road tar and asphalt sealer overspray on cars is just so hard to remove. Preserve your vehicle's paint job by using odorless mineral spirits to get rid of overspray.

To remove asphalt sealer, simply pour some mineral spirit into a rag and gently scrub the stain off the vehicle. Be careful not to scrub vigorously so you won't damage the car's clear coat. Once road tar is removed, simply spray the vehicle with water and rinse it off.

WD-40 (For Automotive Surfaces)

WD-40 (For Automotive Surfaces)WD-40 is probably one of the most versatile products we have on the list. It doesn't just serve as a lubricant and protects objects from rust and corrosion — it can also be used to remove asphalt sealer and tar from automotive surfaces.

To start, soak the overspray or smudged area with WD-40. Let it sit for a few minutes to emulsify the stain before wiping it gently with a microfiber cloth. You might need to spray WD-40 to the stained surface or soak the rag with the product before the sealer comes off completely.

The surface is going to be greasy after all the stain is removed, so wipe it down with some liquid dish soap. Apply some car sealant to protect the surface of your car afterward.

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SolvallSolvall can be used to clean all types of asphalt sealer from different objects. These include ceramic, concrete, glass, metal, and wood.

To get rid of overspray or smudges, simply spray or blot Solvall onto the affected area. Let it sit for several minutes before agitating it with a soft bristle brush or a piece of cloth. Hose it down to rinse.

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Water is not considered a universal solvent for nothing. But the thing with water is that the stain or overspray needs to be fresh for it to be effective. 

To remove asphalt sealer from the surface, simply hose it down with water until it is completely clean. Rinse it as soon as you can as there is only a short window of time before the sealer completely dries and becomes harder to remove.

Sealcoating Near Stonewalls, Garage Doors, and More

Need help sealcoating near stonewalls, garage doors, and other buildings you don't want to get sealer on? Use these tips for sealcoat edging.

A great tip to prevent from dripping or spraying sealant on places other than your customer's driveway. Use either a wood board or fiberglass board and have one of the guys helping you hold it right at the edge so you can finish the driveway right up to the wall. This will make for a clean and easy finish to your job.

Make sure to always tip the board towards the waist of the person spraying so that the sealer does not get under the board or on the back of it.

Use the board around the edges and spray 4 to 5 feet away from the edge. You can then finish the main body of the driveway without getting sealer all over the walls or edges.

Asphalt Kingdom has tons of resources for all you contractors and DIYers out there. If you have questions about sealcoating or crack repair, simply browse our blog or give us a call at 1-866-399-5562 or send us a message to sales@asphaltkingdom.com.

Top 10 Pavement Defects & How to Fix Them Mockup-1

Top 10 Pavement Defects & How to Fix Them

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