Line Striping Parking Lot Lines Adds To Your Bottom Line!

Expand your sealcoating business and add line striping for parking lot lines. Find out what line painting equipment you need for professional striping.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 24

The smartest way to expand your sealcoating business is to add line striping parking lot lines. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add to your customer base by servicing businesses.

An investment in line painting equipment will reap you a larger client base, more profits, and a great professional reputation. Remember, sealcoating will cover up paint lines, so why not become the go-to company that can service all parts of asphalt maintenance – from crack filling to sealcoating to repainting parking lot lines?  Clients will love the one-stop shopping you provide and it will give you an edge over smaller sealcoaters.


Line Striping Equipment

How much profit?

You can charge $11.25 for a 45 linear foot parking stall. A case of paint will cost you $119, and cover up to 2400 linear feet. That's 53 stalls done earning you almost $600 so you earn over $475 in profit in one day. In a month? Almost $10,000 profit!


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Why add commercial clients?

First off, commercial properties have a lot more traffic, so they need more maintenance. You will not get the opportunity to sealcoat these properties if you don’t have the capacity to put in the parking lot lines (remember, the sealcoating will cover all parking lines).

Secondly, being able to point out that your company is trusted to do these larger jobs will inspire confidence in residential customers. That’s what line striping parking lot lines can do for your bottom line!


How to Price a Linestriping Job Profitably

  • What tools & equipment you should start with
  • How to determine difficulty level of the job
  • How to estimate prep work
  • The best traffic paint to use

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How difficult is it?

Prep work is exactly the same as sealcoating, and you already do that. All you need to learn is how to do the line striping. At Asphalt Kingdom, we don’t just sell products, we provide know how.

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What do you need?

Most importantly, you need a high quality, durable paint to ensure your parking lot lines last and a 4 inch roller or line painting equipment. You’ll also need:

  • Heavy tool box, with hook or handle
  • Chalk String Line (100 ft. in length)
  • Rope (260 ft. in length)
  • Rope reel
  • 300 ft. tape measure
  • 18 inch orange cones
  • Caution tape
  • Parking lot protractor
  • Sealcoat (for mistakes along the way)
  • An additional weight with a hook (suggestion: cinder block)

That’s it! Now you’re ready to expand your sealcoating business, and your bottom line, by adding line striping parking lot lines!

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