The Benefits of Using a Line Striping Machine

To complete the asphalt maintenance process, having a line striping machine can get the job done faster, with less materials, and better results.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on February 25

Line striping is a necessary step in any complete asphalt maintenance process. It’s that finishing touch that takes a fully maintained and sealed parking lot to the next level, while creating an attractive means of keeping traffic on the property organized and safe. With such important purposes, it’s critical to accomplish this in the most efficient and effective way possible—for the good of your property and your wallet.

Using a line striping machine to do so holds three significant benefits:  

Saves Time

Painting the lines of a parking lot by hand is unnecessarily time-consuming. Without a line striping machine, you’ll have to use brushes, rollers, or spray cans to get the job done, which can be extremely tedious. You’ll also likely have to utilize wooden boards as straightedges to guide your painting. Lining these up while pushing a roller, being careful not to make mistakes, and continuously returning to a paint tray to replenish your roller, requires a substantial amount of time. A parking lot striping machine enables you to complete your main task faster, and with greater accuracy.

There are plenty of line striping machines to choose from, with different models equipped with slightly different features. All include the same basic elements to make your job easier, however. Among these: housing, to hold your paint bucket or spray can without having to refill frequently; wheels, to easily maneuver; and a specialized mechanism for evenly dispensing the paint onto the asphalt surface. And since your only job operating a line striping machine entails pushing it and pulling the handle to spray, you’ll find this requires a lot less physical energy, too!


Saves Materials

Painting lines by hand is not just inefficient in terms of time and energy. It also wastes materials. Brush and roller painting typically uses more paint than is actually needed to sufficiently plot a line. All that waste adds up to dollars and cents quite literally going down the drain. Our wide selection of line striping machines are carefully engineered to spray only the correct amount necessary for a clean and durable layer.

Use our Parking Line Paint Calculator to find out how much paint you'll need for your line striping project. 


Better Results

Imagine going through all the time, trouble, and supplies to paint the lines in your parking lot, only to end up with lackluster results. Unfortunately, that’s what many discover when they do so without the assistance of a line striping machine.

Straightedge boards move unexpectedly, and paint smudges and drips from rollers and brushes. Without the right equipment, you could end up with unappealing, crooked, or misshapen lines that may even demand a redo—eating up even more time, energy, and materials.

The likelihood of mistakes becomes even greater if your parking lot requires more than just straight lines. Many properties include curves to properly direct traffic, for example. It's nearly impossible to neatly paint those by hand—but not with a line striping machine, which enables you to lock its wheel in place for a smooth, consistent arc.

Asphalt Kingdom has a wide selection of line striping machines, for any project. Our highly trained asphalt experts can help you match the perfect model to achieve the best results. To learn more, sign up for our free linestriping guide and contact us at 1-866-399-5562 for expert advice today.

Thinking about buying a line striper to add line striping to your business? If you're wavering because of the cost of a parking lot striping machine, it really is the gateway to getting more commercial work for your asphalt maintenance business! See what James Tartaglia of Top Gun Asphalt says about how adding line striping to his business led to thousands more dollars in revenue.

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