How to Grow Line Striping Business

Some ways to grow line striping business include branching out into new markets, investing in new equipment, and enhancing your online visibility.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 22

The asphalt maintenance industry is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and become their own boss. One category of asphalt maintenance with great income potential, whether on its own or in addition to other blacktop services, is line striping. With any successful business, though, there comes a time when management must begin considering next steps, and how to grow their company even more. 

If you haven’t started your line striping business yet, check out this helpful article.

Why you should add line striping to your Asphalt Maintenance Company

If you have an existing line striping business and are ready to take it to the next level, the following tips can help:

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Expand into New Locations 

One of the easiest ways to grow a line striping business is to branch out into areas you haven’t served before. It’s important not to do this randomly, though, as you don’t want to be wasting your sales efforts somewhere unlikely to require your services. 

One easy step is to simply explore a potential area in person. If you notice a lot of parking lots in need of line striping, this might be a prime location for you to expand. You’ll also want to explore the competition, just as you did when you started your business. Do research into how many, if any, line striping businesses are operating in that vicinity. If there are already a number of established contractors, it may be best to look elsewhere. 

Don't attempt to expand into an area too far from your headquarters. Otherwise, the travel time and associated expenses may outweigh the benefits. 

Explore New Markets 

Growing your line striping business involves not only pursuing customers in new locations, but also new types of customers. Painting parking lot lines for smaller customers and local businesses is an excellent way to gain experience, collect testimonials, and build a strong reputation, which you can use to confidently pitch your business to larger potential customers, such as major retailers and big-box stores.

Once you secure that first big job, it will be easier to attract other similar-caliber customers.

Also, you don't only need to paint parking lots! You can include warehouses, athletic fields and small airports in your pool of prospects. Wherever there are painted lines, there may be opportunity. Some people in the line striping business also paint tennis / basketball courts.


Upgrade Your Equipment

Professional line striping requires the right equipment. Basic parking lot striper machines are suitable for smaller jobs, such as small parking lots, but to effectively service larger, higher paying clients you may need to invest in newer supplies. 

The more pro-level parking line painting machines come with additional features, such as ride-on trailers, stenciling guns, and higher capacity paint hoppers, that will enable you to perform a wider range of line striping services and achieve higher-quality results. 

You can also invest in add-ons that will make your workflow smoother, like laser guides and spray shields.

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Optimize Your Online Presence 

Even with an excellent reputation, you could be limiting your growth if you aren’t optimizing your online presence

Simply having a website and social media accounts will do little to help your line striping business, or any asphalt maintenance business for that matter, expand. Instead, you must remain active, publishing new and informative content on your website and staying engaged with relevant communities on social media. Not only will this show any potential customers that you put in the time to create an informative and professional presence, but consistent and thoughtful content will also improve your company’s rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, helping new potential customers find your site when they’re researching line striping companies.

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Whatever steps you take to grow your line striping business, the asphalt maintenance experts at Asphalt Kingdom are here to help. 

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