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Sealing Asphalt

Posted by Guest on February 02

Sealing Job

Important Tips for a First Class Sealing Job

* Remove all mud, vegetation, loose particles of sand and gravel, etc. WASH the entire surface to be sealed with water, brush dirty spots, rinse, and remove standing puddles of water.

* Patch any depressions with whatever patching compound is required. Deep holes will require cold blacktop patch. Shallow depressions (where the blacktop has slightly eroded) can be patched with various smooth asphalt patching compounds that often have the consistency of cake icing. Be sure to follow directions, as some of these compounds might need to dry for several days before they are sealed!

* Patch any cracks 1/8 inch or larger. Deep cracks should be filled with coarse sand to within 1/2 inch of the surface. Wide cracks up to 1 inch width may require special acrylic crack fillers that remain more flexible.

* Remove caked up oil drippings. Clean oil spots with special oil cleaners available from sealer companies. Tough spots should have a special oil primer applied so the sealer sticks to the oil stained area.

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