World's Top Asphalt Producing Countries: Pictorial Overview

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Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on September 11

We admit it. . . we spend a lot of time thinking about asphalt here at Asphalt Kingdom! So when we read the recent UN report on asphalt, we found ourselves surprised by a few factoids, and figured we'd better get right to making up a picture or two to share the information with you.

Asphalt is produced by refining crude oil through a process known as fractional distillation. The resulting asphalt is then used for various applications in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Several countries around the world produce asphalt, and their production capacity varies depending on their access to crude oil, technological advancements, and the demand for the product. Here, we will discuss the top asphalt-producing countries in the world.

Discover the world's top asphalt-producing countries in this article and graphic.

United States

With an annual production capacity exceeding 300 million metric tons per year, the United States is one of the largest producer of asphalt globally. The country's asphalt industry thrives on advanced refining technology, abundant crude oil reserves, and massive road construction projects. Notably, the US is home to some of the major asphalt producers, including Marathon Petroleum, Valero Energy Corporation, and Phillips 66.


China is another top asphalt-producing country. Its impressive asphalt production is largely attributed to its vast crude oil reserves, advanced refining technology, and ambitious road construction projects. In the past decade, China's government investment in infrastructure development has fueled a steady increase in their asphalt production.


India secures a spot in the world's top asphalt-producing countries. The country's thriving asphalt industry is primarily driven by its massive road construction projects aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure. Over the past decade, India's asphalt production has been on a steady rise, thanks to the government's heavy investment in infrastructure development.


The Leading Asphalt Producers by CountryThe Leading Asphalt Producers -
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The Leading Asphalt Producers


Russia secures a spot in the list of the world's top asphalt-producing countries. The country's asphalt production is fueled by its abundance of crude oil reserves and advanced refining technology. Notably, Russia is home to some of the major asphalt producers, including Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, and Rosneft.


Canada has an annual asphalt production capacity of over 28 million metric tons. The country's abundant crude oil reserves, advanced refining technology, and ongoing road construction projects are the driving forces behind its thriving asphalt industry. Notable asphalt producers in Canada include Suncor Energy, Imperial Oil, and Husky Energy.


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