Streamlining Sealcoating Business With Bulk Asphalt Sealer Deliveries

It is more time and money efficient to order bulk asphalt sealer deliveries and to pick up spot tankers at the job site.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on September 5

A general rule of thumb for virtually any business is to buy supplies in bulk, whenever possible. The asphalt maintenance industry is no different. 

Deliveries of drums and totes of sealer to your business are suitable for property owners and managers maintaining blacktop on their own, and for those just starting out, but as a business grows, such resupplying becomes increasingly inefficient. Among the disadvantages: paying higher prices per gallon and for shipping, and the expenses associated with the proper disposal of empty containers. 

Ordering asphalt sealer bulk tanks is one method to help address some of these challenges. 

Another option that reduces cost per gallon of sealer and waste is to fill your totes and drums directly at the sealer plant. While eliminating shipping costs and the need to dispose of unwanted containers, however, in-plant tank fills still require frequent, time-consuming plant trips, and are restricted by the capacity of your drums and totes. 

Installing a bulk sealer tank at your business can also help minimize supply costs, maximize your time and profit. These come in a variety of sizes, but can store as much as 5,000 gallons – nearly 20 times more than the capacity of a standard tote. 

Deliveries to fill your tank secure lower prices per gallon and end trips to the plant, but still demand a time investment, for transportation. When your sprayer system runs out of sealer on the job site, your crew must travel back to the bulk tank to refill. 

For large asphalt sealing jobs ordinarily requiring multiple trips back and forth between the job site and your facility, the optimal option is to have bulk orders of sealer delivered right to your location in a spot tanker. 

Spot tanker deliveries are most competitive at 2,000 gallons of sealer or more, though Asphalt Kingdom can arrange smaller deliveries.

Asphalt Kingdom acts are your own personal broker, finding you the best possible price on your sealer and arranging for the necessary amount to be brought to the job site. No more back and forth to refill, which means no more wasted time on the road! Finish your jobs more efficiently, while saving money

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What is your time worth on your asphalt sealing jobs? 

A quick calculation is all you need to see for yourself why contractors prefer spot tanker deliveries.

For example:

Let’s say a contractor is using a PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoat Spray System with a 550 gallon sealer capacity. They are sealing a large parking lot requiring 2,400 gallons, and it takes the crew 45 minutes to go back to their business, refill the spray system, and return. The breakdown of the potential revenue lost to travel time looks something like this:

2,400 gallons /   550 gallons =    4.36 full tanks to complete the job


Assuming the contractor arrived on the job site with a full tank on the PROMAX, the team would have to return to refill four more times.

4 x  45 minutes  =    180 minutes (three hours)

A large contractor can be expected to earn an average of $200 an hour for sealcoating services, equating to as much as $600 in lost revenue in just one day. 

3 x   $200 =    $600


All that time can be won back by having the sealer brought to your job site. Your crew won’t have to leave, the project will be done quicker, and you’ll be available to move on to the next job sooner, and make more money. And when you consider that Asphalt Kingdom does not charge shipping fees for its spot tanker deliveries, the benefits for your business become even greater.

Asphalt Kingdom’s relationships with the largest asphalt sealer producers in the country enable us to secure the best deals in the industry. Request a Quote to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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