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Save time and money while working on a major sealcoating project. Schedule a spot tanker delivery to your job site today!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on April 7

In the sealcoating business, estimating how much sealer is needed to complete a major project before actually starting the job is logical and economical. This is to make sure that you don't run out of sealer unexpectedly before you can finish covering the area.

What can spot tank deliveries do for you

Major projects that require massive amounts of sealer (such as sealcoating the parking lot of a mall) require multiple trips to fill and refill your tanks before the job gets done. The most optimal and cost-effective solution is to have the sealer delivered right to your job site with a spot tanker. This option can ultimately turn the tides for your profit margin.

For a minimum order of 2,000 gallons or more, or enough sealer for 150,000 sq. ft. or more, we offer the most competitive prices in the market. 

How can a spot tanker delivery maximize your time and profit?

Let's look at this scenario: A contractor uses a PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoat Spray System with a capacity of 550 gallons to seal a parking lot that requires 2,000 gallons to completely cover. It takes 50 minutes for the crew to travel to their place of business, refill the tank, and return to the job site.

Considering the time needed to travel back and forth for a refill, here is a breakdown of potential revenue loss:

2,000 gallons (requirement) ÷ 550 gallons (tank capacity)
= 3.66 full tanks to complete the sealcoating job

Assuming that the crew arrived on the job site with a full tank of sealer, they will need to make 3 more trips back and forth for refills before getting the job done.

3 (refills) x 50 minutes (per trip)
= 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes)

If this contractor earns an average rate of $200 per hour for sealcoating services, his lost revenue would be $500 in a day.

2.5 (hours lost) x $200 (hourly rate)
= $500 (lost revenue)

On the other hand, if the contractor chooses to schedule a spot tanker delivery to his job site, the travel time needed to refill his sprayer tanks can be eliminated. That’s 2 hours and 30 minutes’ that he can use to finish the project sooner, and move on to the next.

Profit is not only measured by how much you earned in a project. It also means time used efficiently and wisely.

Ready for your spot tanker delivery? Get in touch with us today!

Step #1: Visit our bulk sealer program here and submit a quotation request.

You may also call the Asphalt Kingdom hotline at 866-399-5562 or send us an email at for any specific or unique requests. Let us know how much sealer you need. If you are not sure, tell us how large is the area, and we can provide you with an estimated amount of sealcoat.

Step #2: After providing us with your details, we will provide you with a customized quotation based on the information you provided.

Step #3: Once you agree to the quotation, set the date for delivery.

Step #4: The spot tanker will be delivered to the location you indicated, on the date you specified. As an added bonus, we will train and demonstrate to your crew how to transfer the sealer from the spot tanker and into your main sealcoat spray tank.

Step #5: Once your job is done, contact us again at 866-399-5562 or, and schedule the date you prefer for us to pick up the empty spot tanker. (Yes, no more container disposals! We will take care of picking up and returning the empty spot tanker on your behalf.)

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