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Hoping to create a professional-looking sealcoating job? Knowing which sealcoat spray tip sizes you should have on hand is critical.

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Posted by Judson Burdon on December 2


When it comes to sealcoating spray tips, knowing which size to use can make the difference between a professional, profitable job and a messy, time-consuming one. With tips being the most often replaced part on your spray system, knowing which spray tip sizes you should have on hand is critical.

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Understanding GPM

GPM is short for Gallons Per Minute, and that tells you the amount of sealant that is being sprayed by the minute. You’d think, the larger the number the better it is, since you are getting the sealant down fast and finishing fast. As with everything, there’s a downside. The higher the GPM on your sealcoating spray tips, the more overspray you have. That means you have to protect the edges better, and you are losing more product on that protective barrier. Spray tip sizes that are 2 GPM give you a precise fan spray with far less waste. Now that you understand how GPM affects your results, the spray tip size chart makes a lot more sense.


What Sealcoating Work Do You Do?

The 2 GPM sealcoating spray tips are your go-to option for residential driveway sealcoating, where you typically deal with driveways that may hold 4 to 6 cars. Why choose the slowest of the spray tips sizes? Because the area is small enough that the flow rate is more than good enough, and you have the precision fan spray you need to work around sidewalks, garages, pathways, and flower beds. That’s what we used in this video below. You can see you are done in less than 10 minutes, and the edges are clean. That’s why the 2 GPM is listed in the Spray Tip Size Chart for use on driveways.

Parking lots are different and with all that asphalt to seal, you can really save time by choosing from either the 3 GPM or the 4 GPM spray tip sizes. If you’re working on small to medium size lots, use the 3 GPM; for large parking lots, use the 4 GPM sealcoating spray tips. Basically, the bigger the area you will be sealing, the larger the tip should be, just like it shows in the Spray Tip Size Chart.

Remember: You can always do the edging first with a spray gun set up with the smaller tip first, then power through the rest with a larger size.


Spray Tip Size Chart

Spray Tip Size Details Best Use Of
2 GPM Small fan spray - precise control Driveways
3 GPM Medium fan spray - some control Small to medium size parking lots
4 GPM Large fan spray - better when overspray is not a concern Large parking lots


Now you know to choose like a pro. It’s the little things that make the difference to a professional and profitable business. Spray tip sizes are a regular expense in asphalt sealing, so using the right size for the right job will help you save on time, product, and money. Choosing sealcoating spray tips is simple; small for driveways, larger for small to medium parking lots, and the largest for big parking lot

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