Sealcoating Repaired Driveway Patch

Sealcoating repaired driveway can be done not just by professionals but also by homeowners. It is fairly easy to do and we'll share with you some tips.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on May 7

Many homeowners assume that doing repair work on their driveway has to be done by professionals. The fact is that it is now fairly easy to perform simple repair work on common driveway problems such as cracks and potholes.



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Products that allow people to virtually repair these problems in an instant, such as the Cold Asphalt Patch, make the job possible even for those who are not that keen on DIY home improvement projects. This will translate in huge savings since one does not have to pay someone else to do the job.

To stretch your savings even more, your repaired driveway patch should last just as long as it was done by a professional. The cold patch product is durable by itself and can guarantee long lasting results. To make it last longer, it is advised to apply seal coat once the patch has cured, which is around 24 to 48 hours after the patch has been applied. What sealcoating basically does is retain the asphalt patch’s flexibility so that it won’t become brittle even with exposure to extreme heat or cold weather outdoors.

Sealcoating Tips: It is recommended to apply seal coat on the entire driveway and not just on the driveway patch every two to four years.


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Getting Started

Start the sealcoating process just as you would with repairing – by cleaning the area you wish to apply the seal coat on. Since this is just a patch, using a broom to clean the area will be enough. Larger areas such as the whole driveway of a large residence will most likely need equipment such as the Billy Goat Wheel Blower in order to make the cleaning process much faster.

After Cleaning

Patching BlacktopAfter cleaning, you may now apply the seal coat. In this case, since you are just sealcoating a driveway patch, you will just have to apply it by hand. Only with larger areas would you need a spray system. Mix it well before application, with the option of adding in sand to add traction for driveways that have a steep incline. Adding sand is not recommended when sealcoating with spray systems.

When using a spray machine, there is also a risk of overspray where other surfaces and things near the driveway may be coated with the seal coat. Thus, applying the material by hand is better for small jobs like this.

After Mixing

After mixing, just pour a thin layer of the seal coat on the driveway patch. Take special care to apply the material evenly and consistently. Doing so will ensure that the seal coat material will dry thoroughly. After 12 hours, apply another thin layer to complete the sealcoating process. Applying two thin layers is advised rather than trying to do things faster by applying a thicker coat. Doing the latter may result in a botched job due to the seal coat material not drying well.

Sealcoating Tips: Do not forget too to block off the area while waiting for the material to dry so that no one will accidentally step on the driveway patch under repair.



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