Push Blower Benefits You To Work Smarter On Driveway Prep

Spring is here, and as the snow fades away, a push blower benefits you from clearing the winter debris from your parking area quick and easy.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on March 30

Spring is here, and as the snow melts away, a push blower will make clearing the winter debris from your parking area quick and easy. All maintenance starts with clean-up, and this is especially true of pavement. It is the only way to get a good look and see what damage winter has done.

Even a backpack blower will have you working smarter, not harder, on your driveway or parking lot (and it’s great for the yard too).

Why Spring Cleaning Is So Crucial

This is your first chance to examine the pavement to see what damage winter has done. Cracks may have formed with the freeze and thaw cycles, and will need crackfilling to prevent further damage.

Your sealcoating may need to be redone with all the salt, sand, and snow removal. Watch and see if water is beading on the surface, or seeping into the asphalt. Beading means you’re in great shape; otherwise it’s time to sealcoat.

Using a push blower or a backpack blower to clear off all the debris winter left behind will get the job done in record time, and let you see what’s underneath. Salt and sand grit have been piling up for months, and you may find a quick clean is all you really needed to spruce up your driveway.

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Landshark Push Blower

For Property Managers and Commercial Sites: Benefits Are Bigger

The larger an area is to be cleared, the larger the advantages of using a push blower.

You’ll save even more time than the average home owner! You’ve also got more to do in your parking lot maintenance. As well as checking for cracks and sealcoat integrity, you need to see what’s left of your parking lot lines after months of snow removal. Faded and missing paint can leave your lot looking dingy, not to mention the dangers of traffic directions and fire lanes not being clearly marked.

So work smarter, not harder, and leave the old push broom for small clean-up jobs! Save yourself time and energy, and get all the grit cleared quickly and easily with a push blower or a backpack blower.

Want to see just how fast you can clear?

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