Lengthen Your Season with Asphalt Sealer Additives

Adding asphalt sealer additives in your sealcoating mix can lead to faster dry times, altered viscosity, and more!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 16

Initially, asphalt sealer additives may seem like an overly expensive investment for new asphalt maintenance companies. Once you dig into what they are, you'll see the value they add for your customers and have properties that add to your company's productivity.

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What are Asphalt Sealer Additives and How Can It Help with Sealcoating?

There are many asphalt sealer additives you can use depending on your sealcoating job. You add asphalt sealer additives to the mix for sealcoating before you spray. Mixing the two then means everything you spray will have the properties outlined on the additive.

You can use more than one additive for asphalt sealcoating only if the products are designed to work together. Doing so means anything you apply has those properties. While most people focus on the faster dry time, that's not the only possible benefit.

The principal benefits of the different asphalt sealer additives include faster dry times, better sand suspension, more flexibility of the final product, and altered viscosity.

What is FASS-Dri PSA?

FASS-Dri PSA is what most people think when they investigate asphalt sealer additives. This produce uses Nano-Cure™ to alter how the pavement dries. It also enhances the asphalt sealcoating's performance over time.

Fass-Dri Asphalt Sealer Additives dries the sprayed sealcoating mix from the bottom up.

Usually, your asphalt sealcoating job dries from the top down using the energy from the sun. However, sunlight is not always available for your asphalt maintenance jobs, especially if you offer nighttime slots. FASS-Dri PSA changes that and dries your job from the bottom up.

FASS-Dri is an easy choice for nighttime paving jobs since it requires less light. It also reduces the time needed between spraying and striping, even during the day. More productivity is paramount for your asphalt maintenance company.

What is FSA? 

FSA is short for Fast Sealing Additive. It's a common choice for asphalt maintenance companies because it is versatile. It improves bonding, drying time, and workability. Once it dries, your customers will have a richer color and more durability as well.

Using the FSA sealer additive in your sealcoating mix can result to easier spraying and faster drying time.

While this one does not explicitly help with nighttime jobs, it helps as the weather gets colder. However, typically using FSA comes out to less than a penny per square foot. That's worth the investment for your asphalt maintenance jobs.

Its versatility comes in when you start adding items to the asphalt sealcoating. Sand loading and dilution rates can vary a lot. FSA helps you manage that consistency for easier spraying and better customer results.

What is FSA Plus? 

FSA Plus works similarly to FSA and carries the same benefits. It works as a better viscosity modifier, though, making it worth the investment. In terms of asphalt sealer additives, the slight price increase is worth it.

FSA Plus specifically helps your asphalt sealcoating material thicken and gel. It's a great solution if your material is not coming out the way you need. It also makes for a more solid coat that dries quickly.

The FSA Plus sealer additive offers more even distribution while giving a durable finish.

The primary use for FSA Plus asphalt sealer additives is slurries. It's better at encapsulating sand and ensuring even distribution than plain FSA. All that comes up to more even coats and durable final results for your asphalt maintenance customers.

What is FSA AE? 

FSA AE is a specific asphalt sealer additive for asphalt emulsions. Some areas do restrict your ability to use coal tar. This product is the solution to still delivering a fantastic result while maintaining environmental compliance.

Using FSA AE sealer additive is highly recommended for asphalt emulsions.

FSA AE does improve bonding and speeds up drying time. However, the trick is how it enhances other aspects of using asphalt emulsion.

FSA AE asphalt sealer additives alter the asphalt sealcoating blend enough to put it relatively close to the same bonding and durability of coal tar. With the environment and your customers in mind, this is an excellent option.

What is Targel Plus? 

Targel Plus is a polymer asphalt sealer additive, and it's specifically formulated to meet FAA standards. With that formulation to handle spills at airports, your clients can rest assured it can take a few car stains.

Targel Plus sealer additive has a unique formula that can strengthen the finished surface.

The FAA standards specify that Targel Plus must meet higher gas, fuel, and oil resistance standards. It also rubberizes and toughens the finished surface, meaning it will be more durable overall.

Additionally, if you use sand, this asphalt sealer additive can help evenly disperse it through your mix. It does this through suspension and locking. You may also notice a darker finish on the product than you would otherwise.

Are you considering asphalt sealer additives for your company? Ask the experts at Asphalt Kingdom with a free phone call. Dial 1-866-399-5562 for more information.


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