Why Additives for Asphalt Sealcoat is a Great Business Investment

Adding additives to sealer has benefits beyond project output. It is a great investment that ensures loyalty and trust from potential and repeat customers.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on April 28

Most people who are just starting in the asphalt maintenance business don't usually understand why using additives to sealcoat is a great investment. The common misconception is that additives are merely extra expenses that cut down profits and cure time. But did you know they can actually do a lot more than that?

During an interview with Adam Wellman from Maintenance, Inc. at the National Pavement Expo 2020 in Nashville, TN, he explained how additives can improve sealer bonding and asphalt quality.  

According to Adam, “Using additives adds a whole different dimension to your sealer. It encapsulates sand, if you are using a sand load” which helps in better mixing and dispersion. He also stated that additives “add flexibility to different types of sealcoat, especially the asphalt emulsion, which always has a hard time to bond” with asphalt pavements.

Below are different types of our popular additives and what they are best for.

Types of Sealer Additives  

Fass-Dri PSA


The Fass-Dri PSA (Pavement Sealer Additive) is a technically advanced formula designed to enhance performance and handling characteristics of pavement sealers. It can be used with asphalt emulsion and blends.          

Traditionally, sealers dry from the top exterior layer to the bottom. Fass-Dri features Nano-Cure™ technology that allows the sealer to dry from the bottom up. Since sealers fortified with Fass-Dri don’t need a lot of sunlight to dry, this makes it ideal for nighttime sealcoating.

Pavement sealer mixed with Fass-Dri PSA is ready for traffic faster than without the additive. It enables you to complete jobs faster and stripe parking lots sooner. Sealer mixed with Fass-Dri can be used with sprayers, squeegee, brushes or rollers.


FSA (Fast Sealing Additive)

fastsealeradditive_1_2FSA or Fast Sealing Additive and Product Improver makes your sealer work better, last longer, dry faster and blacker. This product is a silicone fortified latex copolymer additive that improves workability and handling of the sealer material, and reduces drying time by 50% or more.

In addition to faster drying time and better finish, the FSA gives you a better-working and more viscosity-controlled sealer over a wide range of sand loading and dilution rates. Sealer mixed with FSA allows you to restripe more quickly and shows significantly fewer steering marks and other imperfections on the asphalt surface.

FSA is highly ideal for cold-weather sealcoating, but it should also be an everyday investment. Using FSA in your sealer mix is going to cost you less than a penny per square foot. So when you’re bidding out your job, less than a penny per square foot to have a product that’s going to make your sealer more durable with better outcome means that your customers will come back for more. This is an additive you can use to meet almost any customer's needs.


If you need faster curing time AND a viscosity modifier to thicken and gel up diluted sealer, the FSA Plus Dual Action Additive is what you need. This dual-action polymer/copolymer latex additive works just like the FSA and more! It has a built-in thickening agent that helps build viscosity for total sand encapsulation and dispersion, making it excellent for slurry mixes.


FSA AE (Fast Sealing Additive for Asphalt Emulsion)


The FSA AE (Fast Sealing Additive for Asphalt Emulsion) has all the same benefits as the FSA but it’s specifically formulated for asphalt emulsion sealer.

Asphalt emulsion sealers have a lower durability point and less bonding factor compared to other sealers and blends. FSA AE helps asphalt emulsions gain strength and stability to give your customers a great output.


Targel Plus


The Targel Plus Rubberized Polymer Additive is a multi-dimensional additive that greatly enhances the overall performance of a pavement sealer. Designed to meet FAA specifications for pavement sealer additives, this product helps improve gas, fuel and oil resistance. It suspends and locks in sand for better dispersion. Targel Plus toughens and rubberizes the sealer for added strength and flexibility. This additive also aids in reducing scuffing and power steering marks on the asphalt surface, while creating a blacker finish.


Human bodies need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Asphalt also needs equivalent nourishment and care. We take logical steps to delay asphalt deterioration that can lead to more damage and accidents. One of these steps is sealcoating, which helps protect asphalt pavements from moisture, oil and chemical spills, oxidation, and UV damage.

Taking care of asphalt is much like taking care of our skin, our bodies, and our well-being in general. Which is why using sealcoating additives is a smart decision. They act much like dietary supplements.

Whether you are just starting out or implementing a better asphalt sealing strategy, these products can greatly impact your business positively.

To learn more about these sealcoating additives, get in touch with us at 1-866-399-5562 or visit our website, https://www.asphaltkingdom.com/. Our experts are on standby to help you with any questions!

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