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How to Maintain Sealcoat Sprayers and Push Melter Applicators

Do you have a sealcoat sprayer or push melter applicator? To prevent equipment problems, follow these tips to keep them in tip-top working condition.

Failure to conduct proper maintenance can make a machine less productive, less effective, and result in equipment downtime. It can also affect job quality. Doing the little things throughout the season will help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, allowing you to make more money. In this post, you will learn how to maintain sealcoat sprayers and push melter applicators.

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RY10 Elite: Setting the Bar High for Crackfill Machinery

If you want to know what safety, reliability, productivity, and ease of use looks like, look no further! The RY10 Elite is all that, plus more!

The RY10 Elite Melter Applicator sets new standards in crack filling machinery as the embodiment of RynoWorx’s core principles, namely: safety, reliability, productivity and ease of use. With these four pillars in mind, the RY10 Elite is designed based on user feedback, and the final outcome is a near-perfect and optimized version of all melter applicators that RynoWorx has released so far.

Here are the features that makes the RY10 Elite a truly innovative new product:

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4 Tips on How to Combat Root Damage in Driveways and Parking Lots

Asphalt damage is not always caused by exposure to weather and the elements. Sometimes, the culprit is standing right there in your front lawn. Tree root damage can lead to injuries and accidents if not handled in a timely manner.

Trees contribute to curb appeal and property value. Additionally, they provide shade, which helps keep the surroundings cool, especially during summer months. Well-maintained trees and shrubs add beauty and appeal, while helping keep air fresh and clean. While these are some of the huge advantages of trees and plants, there are also downsides to having large trees in and around your driveways and parking lots.

As the trees grow, they can cause the asphalt to heave up and break. Since these gaps have jagged and uneven edges, they can become tripping hazards or cause damage to car tires or undercarriage.

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Repair Cracks Between Your Asphalt Driveway and Concrete Foundation or Curb Like a Pro in 5 Steps

Whether you are a homeowner, DIYer, or professional asphalt contractor, you can fill cracks between asphalt and concrete seamlessly with the proper products and equipment.

Asphalt cracks and gaps can develop all over an asphalt surface. It’s more common, however,  on sections where joints and seams meet, such as where asphalt edges meet the street, concrete curb, garage floor, or house foundation. There are many possible causes of cracking, such as exposure to the weather and natural elements, freeze-thaw cycles in cold-weather locations, vehicle damage, and incorrect installation. If not filled and sealed in a timely manner, these cracks allow moisture from rain, melted snow or runoff from garden hoses to penetrate the sub-grade, as well as the foundation or basement walls, causing them to grow weak and compound the damage.

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Fleet UP: Get Equipment to Increase Your Productivity

Having trouble hiring good people? Take a look at your equipment & tools. Invest in your fleet to improve your productivity and increase your revenue!

I must admit… I have a problem. I am addicted to purchasing nice equipment. But there is a plus side to this… Increased revenue.

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ADA Handicap Parking Requirements & Cheatsheet

Painting the universal symbol of accessibility does not immediately make a parking lot compliant to ADA requirements. This guide will help you determine how best to stripe a parking facility to ensure compliance.

Being ADA-compliant is not just about painting the international symbol of accessibility on pavement – although, it is a step in the right direction. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design is formulated as per the DOJ-sanctioned revisions of Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This covers the scope regarding minimum requirements and provisions for handicap-accessibility in parking lots and similar facilities that are either newly designed, reconstructed or altered on or after March 15, 2012. Non-compliant facilities and installations can get fined or even face a civil lawsuit.

To be fully compliant with the rules and regulations for handicap-accessible parking, the proper stall sizes, markings, and slot locations should be taken into consideration and observed. If you are hired to apply new markings on a new parking facility, or to restripe an existing one, here are the points you need to know in order to guarantee compliance.

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Scale Your Asphalt Maintenance Business

You’ve started your asphalt maintenance business with buckets of sealer and a squeegee. Do you want to make more money with less back-breaking work? Now is the time to invest in the equipment you need to grow faster.

Every successful business adds more tools to keep growing: online companies add software, factories add more sophisticated machines. Asphalt maintenance companies can do the same thing: by getting the right tools at the right time, you’ll be able to do more work for less labor cost, in a shorter time frame, and that’s how you will grow your business. Where to start?

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7 Critical Checks for Parking Lot Drains

Maintaining a parking lot isn’t just about repairing cracks and repainting lines: proper drainage is an essential part of preserving pavement. Check these 7 things regularly to prevent expensive water damage and make a safer parking lot.

Water can be both beneficial and disadvantageous to parking lot owners and managers. Water can be used to clear off mud, sand, fallen leaves, twigs, and any other form of vegetation and debris that clutter the parking lot’s surface.

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4 Categories of Asphalt Damage and 4 of Our Most Effective Repair Methods

Wondering if the damage on your pavement can be repaired, or if you’re looking at replacement? Our experts share their most effective repair methods to help you extend your asphalt’s life span and bring back its aesthetic appeal.

An asphalt pavement can only last for so long, before signs of ageing and deterioration start showing on its surface. Just like our skin, constant exposure to the sun, weather, natural elements, and stress can cause damage, brittleness and flaking. Soon enough, you will begin to notice cracks snaking their way along the length of your driveway or parking lot, as well as patches of moss or algae, discolorations and fading, depressions, ruts and uneven sections.

Below are four categories of asphalt damage based on severity. Our experts provide corresponding repair methods to counter them.

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Our Gift To You: Proposal Software To Catapult Your Sales

I’m reaching out to personally invite you to 2 months free of Paveman Pro which will allow you to store your customers’ information and push out professional proposals in minutes.

We’ve been communicating with thousands of contractors over the last 20 years and there was a massive need to help people achieve their business growth goals.

The only way to grow your business is to understand your sales numbers.  Paveman Pro gives you an at-a-glance dashboard so that you see how many leads, contacts, accounts and proposals have been sent out.

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AK Surface Area Measurement Tool