Learn How To Tackle Winter Asphalt Maintenance

Winter asphalt maintenance must include patching potholes. There is an easy fix... here’s what to do!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on January 11

Winter asphalt maintenance must include patching potholes. A couple of months ago we covered Pothole Patrol: Spotlight On Cities That Give You A Way To Report Dangerous Asphalt but what are you doing about your blacktop? Having a gaping hole on your driveway or parking lot is just as dangerous to passers-by, vehicles, and snow removal equipment. As if that is not enough, the costly damage to your pavement from snow, ice, freeze-thaw cycles, shovels, and plows will bring a frighteningly high spring repair bill. There is an easy fix, no worries, here’s what to do!

Cold Asphalt Patch is easy to use for anyone: homeowner, property manager, or sealcoating professional. This is not your old-school patching potholes material; this is state-of-the-art and engineered to last. Plus it’s a winter asphalt maintenance task that can be completed no matter the outside temperature.

Equipment Needed

  • Chisel or Large Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Coarse Gravel (not round, pea gravel)
  • Cold Asphalt Patch
  • Plywood

Already you can see this is a job that doesn’t require you to have all kinds of specialized equipment! However, an asphalt concrete saw can certainly make step 2 easier.


5 Steps For Applying The Patch

  1. Clear out ice and debris – Take out any garbage and chunks of ice. Remember, if you leave chunks of ice, when it melts you’ll be left with an air pocket and a collapsing, sinking repair job come spring.
  2. Chisel the edges – You’re aiming for straight up-and-down edges and if you can, to make turn the hole into a square to get the best result in patching potholes.
  3. Add gravel as needed – If the hole is deeper than 2 inches, and has soft spots, add coarse gravel, and compact to repair the foundation. Winter asphalt maintenance doesn’t mean you ignore the basics of protecting the base of your blacktop.
  4. Pour the cold asphalt patch – Pliable in the bag, this will quickly set hard as a rock. You want to slightly overfill the area to allow for the next step.
  5. Tamp down and compact – If you don’t have a vibrating plate, just lay plywood over the area and drive over it.

It’s all too easy to ignore winter asphalt maintenance, but patching potholes doesn’t take long, and saves you a fortune in the long run. Leaving a hole allows water and ice to erode even more of the blacktop and its foundation, making for a very expensive spring repair or even replacement. Cold asphalt patch is easy to use and doesn’t demand any expensive, fancy equipment, so why take the chance of injuring a passer-by or even yourself! Get out there with the cold asphalt patch for patching potholes and bring your winter asphalt maintenance up to speed.

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