Pothole Patrol: Cities You Can Report Them In

Potholes are not just a bumpy nuisance; they can be quite dangerous to vehicles. Road authorities are now providing pothole reporting for citizens.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on November 23

Potholes are not just a bumpy nuisance; they can be quite dangerous to vehicles. At long last, road authorities are using the internet to give hard-working busy people a way to report potholes online. Finally, we can do away with trying to phone the right department to report road damage!

Los Angeles, California is well known for how busy the roads are, and has an easy way to fill out an online form to report different types of needed road work. Number 1 on the form? Pothole! Even better, right on the form is a 1-800 number to report emergencies.

New York City’s DOT really gets down to the nitty-gritty with their online reporting page.  They have a full page, with pictures and a description covering hummocks, ponding, cave-ins, and so much more, as well as pothole sightings.

State Of New Jersey has an absolute wealth of information, to help commuters figure out whether it’s a state reporting issue, and by giving them a list of county hotline numbers for county maintained roads.

Toronto, Canada works to give every opportunity to report a pothole issue. Online form, phone number, and even a way to report by smart phone!

Seattle, Washington leads with a stated goal of repairing potholes within 3 business days. Their webpage gives you great options, such as links for other city repairs like graffiti, and to give feedback on their website and forms.

Michigan State is pretty bare bones in comparison. They simply state how to identify which routes they are responsible for, and to call your county or local government for other routes. They do have the online pothole reporting form though, and that’s what is most important.

Tampa, Florida hopes to have the repairs done within 2 weeks, certainly not up to Seattle’s boast, but their online pothole reporting form certainly covers everything you need to give them the info.


How To Find The Way To Report Your Local Road Repair Needs

We certainly can’t cover them all here, so how do you find your local pothole reporting form or number? Geico has certainly done a great job of listing US pothole reporting websites on Flickr. An even simpler way to find a site is to search on “reporting potholes” along with your city, county, state, or province. Without a location, you’ll end up with worldwide results, includingAustralia, theUK, and so many more. It’s amazing the world-wide popularity of pothole reporting!

We’d love to hear from you, about your experiences on potholes. Does your city do a good job, or are they ignoring their asphalt, and their taxpayers? Have you used a online form to report a pothole, and how did it turn out?

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