It's Not Too Late To Start Sealcoating Business

Even if the sealcoating season has started, to start sealcoating business with the right equipment and supplies can help become profitable in a few weeks.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 2

Summer is in full swing, and that means we’re at the height of the asphalt sealcoating season. With temperatures across the country climbing to optimal sealcoating conditions, property owners and managers are looking to spruce up their driveways and parking lots with a fresh coat of sealer to protect them from the elements and keep them looking like new. 

As we head into the dog days of summer and dull, gray asphalt surfaces turn jet black with fresh coats of sealer, some eager entrepreneurs might feel like they’ve missed their chance and that it’s too late to start a profitable sealcoating business before summer ends. 

That’s not true at all, though. 

In fact, there is still plenty of time in the sealcoating season to not only start a business, but also become profitable

That’s because asphalt sealcoating exists at the perfect intersection for starting a business: a high-demand service with high profit margins that require low initial investment. Even first-time entrepreneurs can, therefore, break-even in just a few weeks, depending on the hours they're willing to put in and the equipment they select to launch with. You can even add sealcoating to an existing landscaping or snow shoveling business. 

The key to achieving profitability midway through the summer season is to kick off with the best set of equipment and supplies, as well as knowing asphalt maintenance from top to bottom.

Asphalt Kingdom's wide selection of tools makes getting started simple. Our basic asphalt seal coat machine cost less than $1,000, and you can save more than 25% when you buy a pallet of four drums of sealer with Asphalt Kingdom–enough to last you the rest of the season.

We also have a Build Your Own Business Blueprint so you can learn everything you needed to learn to get your asphalt business off the ground. Get access to the BYOBB course here.

John Bublich Case Study Start an Asphalt Repair Business

Start Your Own Business Case Study

From there, it’s all about pounding the pavement and not being afraid of some hard work. If that doesn’t intimidate you, then there’s nothing stopping you from building your business before fall sets in and the season ends. 

Remember: Sealcoating must be done when temperatures are above 40ºF. Otherwise, it will not cure properly. As such, the length of your sealcoating season will depend upon where exactly you are. 

Don’t believe us? Just run the numbers to determine how quickly you can make back your initial investment and begin turning a profit. On average, asphalt sealcoaters can make $125 per hour. Assuming you’ve purchased a basic seal coating equipment and a pallet of four drums of sealer, that means you’d only have to work 20 hours to make back your investment. 

Here's a sample breakdown: 

AK55 Sealer Sprayer for Drums $1,379.00
Pallet of Asphalt Emulsion Sealer $1,797.00
1,000 ft. Caution Tape:  $30.00
Basic Marketing Materials Free with Asphalt Kingdom's Marketing Package

Estimated Initial Investment for Basic Supplies: $3,206.00

$3,206.00 Initial Investment  / $125.00 Average Hourly Revenue  = 25 Hours of Sealcoating


And that’s if your only service is sealcoating. The most successful businesses in the industry offer additional services, such as crack repair, providing a one-stop shop for all their customers' asphalt maintenance needs. That’s why Asphalt Kingdom has created a series of seal coating business equipment to help asphalt entrepreneurs hit the ground running with these two lucrative service offerings to maximize your profitability. 

In other words, there’s plenty of opportunity for profit, even if summer has already started. 


Don’t wait too long, though. You still have time to get into the sealcoating business at its height, but the season won’t last forever. Take the first step to establishing your asphalt maintenance business by reaching out to Asphalt Kingdom today.

Asphalt Kingdom is your source for all the supplies, equipment and guidance you need to build a successful business. 


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