Top 4 Social Media Tips for Asphalt Maintenance Businesses

These social media tips will help your asphalt maintenance business grow a following...which leads to more business!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on May 5

Social media is a facet of digital marketing, and it is everywhere. Asphalt maintenance companies like yours can use these platforms to build fanbases and show potential clients that you’re not the average contractor.

What Platforms Work

Which platforms work for your asphalt maintenance business depends on how much you can devote to learning them. If you’re already a larger company, then you also have the option to hire an expert.

The learning curve is not a reason to hold off starting social media. You can start on Facebook and Instagram if that’s what you’re familiar with, or you can focus on the trendy options like TikTok.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and you should keep an eye out for new platforms. Once you see them gaining traction in the general population, it is a great time to start building a profile there too.

Growing Social Media

Social media is rarely an overnight success. Instead, it tends to start building slowly as you add more content to it. Keeping it in mind as a long-term strategy saves you many headaches.

Ads are also an option if you want to increase page likes and follows. However, those tend to be inaccurate indicators of how many conversions your company can get from it. Engagement is a better metric, and it’s not something you can drive with ads.

Stories vs. Posts for Asphalt Maintenance Companies

Posts are a natural and (mostly) permanent addition to your profile. Meanwhile, stories disappear after a set amount of time on most platforms. Both are valuable for your business.

Your posts should tend to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are most likely what your potential customers will see if they look your company up. Some ideas include videos of sealcoat application, before and after shots, along with aerial photos.

Stories are an opportunity to show more personality. For example, behind the scenes that people don’t see, the local spot where your crew had lunch, and the faces of your company are all viable options. Stories don’t need to be perfect, and you have more topic leeway.

Standing Out on Social Media as an Asphalt Maintenance Company

Using social media already sets you apart from other asphalt maintenance companies in your area. Your customers can see what you do without traveling to one of your job sites and understand the quality of your work.

Consistency is the key to standing out on social media. The algorithms love receiving content and reward you with higher placements. Meanwhile, your customers and prospective customers enjoy seeing regular content they can consume at their leisure. It’s a win-win.

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