How To Care For Sealcoating Machines

Want to keep your sealcoating machine running as good as new each season? Here are 4 essential things on how to care for sealcoating machines.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on July 16

Sealcoating machines are your most important tool for caring for asphalt, so you must make time to maintain your sealcoating equipment to ensure it will continue to operate at the high standard you demand. As with any machinery, there are important parts that require maintenance, or you run the risk having to stop to repair or replace parts just when you need your seal coating machines the most: in the middle of a job.


When And Why Should You Empty The Sealer Tank?

Most importantly you must empty the tank before you shut down for the season to winterize your equipment. However, any time you won’t be using your sealcoating machines for a few days, it is far better to store the sealant in air-tight drums, rather than in the tank, to keep it from hardening and spoiling. At that point it’s great maintenance of your seal coating machines to wash out the tank with water, and run it with water in the system, to prevent hard chunks from forming on the sides.

Time-Saving Tip: Installing a filter kit is a great way to keep your spray system running smoothly.


Inspect Your Hoses Daily

Your sealcoating equipment depends most heavily on the hoses you use, and if your hose bursts, the sealer will spray everywhere, and that’s a mess you do not need! Get in the habit of inspecting your hoses at least daily, or even better, every time while you spool the hose out before spraying. Keep a replacement hose with you to save waiting, or traveling, to get a new one. Sealcoating machines can’t spray without a hose.


Sealcoating Equipment Depends On Pump Maintenance

This is one of the most valuable parts of your machinery, so take the time to learn it inside and out. That’s why we have this video on how to rebuild your cast iron pump, as well as instructions for this critical component of sealcoating machines. Be prepared and have a seal repair kit, and a pump rebuild kit on hand. We highly recommend you start each season with a set of new pump seals and impeller.

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Other Maintenance To Do Items For Sealcoating Equipment

  • Check your oil – change or top up as needed to keep your seal coating machines running smooth
  • Gas tank – check on it regularly for dirt and other impurities and drain as needed before refilling with clean gas
  • Air filter – inspect and clean (use a shop vac or soapy water) to keep the motor running in tip-top shape
  • Spark plug – don’t wait until you have trouble starting your sealcoating machines, a fresh spark plug is an essential part of maintenance at least once a year
  • Spray tip losing pressure – are essential, so always have plenty of spares with your sealcoating equipment, 10 to 12, to ensure you don’t run out in the busy times
  • Spray gun – check the ball valve for opening fully and that it is not seized
  • Valves – test them all for free and easy movement and check for any cracks to avoid leakage while operating seal coating machines


Sealcoating equipment is how you get the job done, so make sure to take care of them, so they can take care of you. Maintaining your seal coating machines is the best way to prevent work-stoppages to keep you on the job and out of the repair shop. Always carry replacement parts with you: hoses, tips, seals, and pump repair kit. That way you’ll never be stuck leaving the job to get them. Sealcoating machines are your most important tool for caring for asphalt, so keep up your maintenance care program.

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