RY10 Elite: Setting the Bar High for Crackfill Machinery

If you want to know what safety, reliability, productivity, and ease of use looks like, look no further! The RY10 Elite is all that, plus more!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on July 15

The RY10 Elite Melter Applicator sets new standards in crack filling machinery as the embodiment of RynoWorx’s core principles, namely: safety, reliability, productivity and ease of use. With these four pillars in mind, the RY10 Elite is designed based on user feedback, and the final outcome is a near-perfect and optimized version of all melter applicators that RynoWorx has released so far.

Here are the features that makes the RY10 Elite a truly innovative new product:

RynoDash: The huge difference in the control buttons and thermometer location, different than anything the industry has ever seen, is the first thing you’ll notice. The RY10 Elite boasts a waterproof thermometer bezel with digital display that can be set to either Fahrenheit or Celsius, so you don’t have to leave temperature reading to guesswork. The burner starter and igniter buttons are also added in this panel, aptly called the RynoDash, so you don’t have bend over or go around to the other side of the machine when you’re starting.

RY10 Elite RynoDash Display

RynoValve: The stainless steel RynoValve doesn’t clog so you don’t lose time preheating, setting another first in the industry. The valve mechanism keeps the melted crackfill material inside the melter kettle, and not in the valve, which makes it virtually drip-free, while preventing the material from cooling to ambient temperature. Fastened by four lag bolts, the entire valve assembly can be easily removed and soaked in mineral spirits or solvent for easy cleaning.

RynoLifts: Two aluminum handles, called RynoLifts, are attached on the front part of the RY10 Elite, allowing for easy lifting when loading onto a truck, trailer or skid.

RY10 Elite Features

Optimized Kettle: Kettle design has been improved to accommodate 2 full (30-lb.) bricks of crackfill from empty, and can hold more once material is melted. Lid opens towards the operator which allows for 3-sided loading (both sides and front), while a latch helps secure the lid in place. Forward-tilt design ensures that hot material spills forward and not towards the operator in very rare cases of overloading and tipping. Honeycombed Ryno Worx logo etched on the sides of the machine adds a more aesthetic appeal while helping minimize heat loss and allowing for proper ventilation.

Accessories: Standard flame torch and hose management with a new holster location is added for convenience and functionality.

Ergonomic and Streamlined Design: Additional improvements are made to ensure that the RY10 Elite is indeed superior compared to its predecessors and competitors.

  1. Reconfigured handlebars can be adjusted between 35” to 42” to accommodate operator height and preference, making it more comfortable to use for long periods of time.
  2. Valve and shoe controls located on the handlebars are also made adjustable to reduce operator fatigue during application.
  3. On-the-fly agitation control rod is redesigned and pulled closer, making material agitation more efficient and less stressful to the operator.
  4. Spreader shoe has been narrowed down to further optimize usage while minimizing wasted product during application. The shoe is also redesigned to move bi-directionally (forward and backward) to prevent material puddling!
  5. Sealed burner has been relocated to the rear of the machine for better performance, safety, and visibility. 50,000 BTU heat capacity melts crackfill material 50% faster while using 50% less fuel compared to older models. Flameout sensor is also added to ensure fuel cut-off in very rare cases that the flame gets blown out.
  6. Propane shelf has been redesigned with an increased air gap between hot kettle and fuel tank.
  7. Chains from previous models have been replaced with a 2-ton ratchet strap with Ryno Worx logo to secure the propane tank in place. (Propane tank is not included with machine purchase.)
  8. Polished aluminum bar ends, lifts, and front casters are combined with black powder-coated 14-gauge stainless steel kettle for durability and a rugged professional appearance.


Whether you are a new entrepreneur starting up a sealcoating and pavement maintenance business, or if you are a veteran looking for a machine that can increase your productivity and profitability, the RY10 Elite is a must-have piece of equipment that can greatly improve your output and profit margin while ensuring customer satisfaction with every linear foot of crackfill material you apply.

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