How Restriping Parking Lot Benefits Your Property

Restriping parking lot benefits improve its curb appeal, organization, and compliance with accessibility requirements.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on July 16

Line striping is one of the four major steps to asphalt maintenance. Oftentimes, it’s also the most overlooked. Sealcoating protects the surface from drying out and cracking, and repairing cracks prevents them from growing into potholes, but the necessity of restriping a parking lot is sometimes less obvious. 

That doesn't mean there aren't any. Restriping a parking lot has significant benefits, including: maximizing curb appeal, promoting organization and safety, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

1. Maximizing Curb Appeal 

What’s on the outside of a business, such as a hotel or a car dealership, influences what customers expect to find on the inside. Worn-out, chipped parking lot paint sends the unintentional message that they shouldn’t expect quality—before they even walk through the door.

It could also send the wrong message to potential buyers, should you be looking to sell the property. A parking lot in need of repair means more money they’ll have to spend once they take ownership, and that could hurt your resale value. 

Alternatively, a fresh set of parking lot lines conveys someone is looking after the property and the owner is diligent with their maintenance, leaving customers, potential buyers, or just passersby with a positive impression. 

2. Promoting Organization & Safety

While they also look great, the purpose of parking lot lines and symbols, is after all, to direct vehicles where to drive and park! If the paint deteriorates too much, they might even start to become hard to understand. 

When drivers are unsure of where to park or which direction to go, it creates congested traffic and frustrated drivers, and might even result in accidents. 

3. Ensuring Compliance With Regulations 

Parking lines and symbols aren’t just left to the property owner or manager's discretion. These surfaces must also remain compliant with regulations regarding accessibility, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For example, parking lots must have a certain number of handicap and van-accessible parking spaces determined by the number of spots within the lot. 

As accessibility standards evolve over time, it’s important to periodically confirm your parking lot remains compliant with the most recent regulations and doesn't need to be restriped to accommodate new requirements. 

These major benefits considered, it’s no wonder why line striping is a key part of any complete asphalt maintenance regimen. You’ll need to ensure you’re using the right equipment before you get started, though. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to restripe your parking lot yourself and save money, take our free Line Stripers Course.

Line striping can be performed the old-fashioned way, with a can of paint and a brush or roller, but this wastes valuable time and rarely yields satisfying results. Using a line striping machine is the simplest way to apply crisp, even, and consistent lines, every time. A wide range of models enables you to pick the best match for your property. 

Asphalt Kingdom has all the line striping supplies and equipment you need to keep your parking lot looking its best. 

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