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Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on April 29

We’ve been communicating with thousands of contractors over the last 20 years and there was a massive need to help people achieve their business growth goals.

The only way to grow your business is to understand your sales numbers. AK Dash gives you an at-a-glance dashboard so that you see how many leads, contacts, accounts and proposals have been sent out.

You’ll create professional proposals in minutes, set daily tasks, follow up with customers, know when they’ve viewed the proposal, sign off on contracts and create work orders all in one easy-to-use interface designed by people in the business.


Included in your subscription:

  • 👉  A dashboard that shows you how you’re performing and where you’re falling short
  • 👉  A Customer Management System to store leads
  • 👉  Account Management so you can assign properties and sales people to companies
  • 👉  A branded portal (e.g., XYZPaving.akdash[dot]com) so your customers see your brand when they log in to view and comment on proposals
  • 👉  Customizable templates for your proposals and work orders
  • 👉  A tasking system so you can keep your team on track
  • 👉  Revenue tracking on each proposal
  • 👉  Close rate metrics that help you understand what bids you are winning and what ones you are not
  • 👉  Unlimited Leads, Contacts, and Proposals – we don’t penalize you for growth!

Millions of dollars of proposals have already pushed out through AK Dash in the last month.

It’s time now more than ever to get as many proposals out as you possibly can and to be prepared for the flood of business on the horizon.


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