Removing Asphalt Oil Stains

If you or your clients have black drips on the driveway, you need a powerful oil stain remover - stat! Find out ways to removing asphalt oil stains.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on June 20

As you all probably know dripping oil, grease or gasoline can be very bad for asphalt paving; they actually eat into and dissolve the asphalt.

Do not remove stains from the asphalt surface with Paint Thinner, Gasoline or any other Petroleum, chemical Based products.

It will burn and eat the Bitumen & Tar right out of the asphalt, leaving a sand, gravel black gooey mix that will definitely be tracked indoors and your asphalt will possibly need to be replaced.




Using a degreaser will raise the asphalt stain from the surface and allow you to easily remove the unwanted stain with a rag, cloth or broom.

It is then recommended to wash the complete driveway down which prepares it for the next sealing stage.


Heat the Asphalt

Most Asphalt sealcoating specialists offer another great way how to remove oil stains from driveway permanently. They Heat the asphalt with a very Powerful Torch. Once the asphalt has been heated they remove the section of asphalt with a shovel. (When the asphalt is heated to high temperatures, the asphalt comes right out.) Usually cost $100 per stain!

Once the asphalt has been removed they will fill the hole where the stain was with brand new asphalt. Using Cold Asphalt or Hot Asphalt. Hot Asphalt lasting longer.

I personally use a degreaser that I bought from Asphalt Kingdom called Asphalt Kingdom’s Universal Degreaser. I recommend when you face Oil Stain in your jobs that you use this as it will keep the costs down and do a fantastic job in getting rid of any asphalt stains.

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