How to Maintain Sealcoat Sprayers and Push Melter Applicators

Do you have a sealcoat sprayer or push melter applicator? To prevent equipment problems, follow these tips to keep them in tip-top working condition.

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Posted by Judson Burdon on August 5

Failure to conduct proper maintenance can make a machine less productive, less effective, and result in equipment downtime. It can also affect job quality. Doing the little things throughout the season will help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, allowing you to make more money. In this post, you will learn how to maintain sealcoat sprayers and push melter applicators.

How to Maintain Sealcoat Sprayers

A sealcoat sprayer is an asphalt sealing machine that is used to apply sealer evenly, efficiently, and with an appealingly clean look. Sealcoating protects asphalt from water penetration, salt, oil, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and is an important element in extending pavement life.

It is important to maintain the different mechanical parts of sealcoating spray systems. Typically, sealcoating spray systems have a pump, engine, and, with an air-operated system, a compressor. Here are some tips on how to maintain sealcoat sprayers.

Maintain the Pump

If you notice that you are losing pressure at the tip as the season progresses, you should consider rebuilding the pump. Otherwise, you might experience a loss of pressure in the middle of a job. Preferably, rebuilding the pump should be done before each season starts, or when the spray nozzle pressure drops at any point during the season.

Maintain the Engine

Be sure to change the engine’s spark plugs every few months to minimize the risk of the engine not starting. Over time, carbon builds up inside the electric nodes on the tip of the spark plug, which may prevent the engine from starting up. Also, make sure to change the air filter in the engine, so clean air can pass through at full flow, allowing the engine to operate at optimum capacity.

Maintain the Compressor

If you have an air-operated spray system, the compressor usually has an engine attached to it. Make sure to change the spark plug and the air filter in the motor. Also, check if there are air canister leaks in the compressor.

Check the Tips

Another thing to check is the spray tips. Make sure that there are no obstructions that can prevent you from spraying an even clean fan pattern on your applications. Check all the hoses on your spray systems to make sure there is no dry rot. If there is dry rot, a small split can occur in the hose. That can lead to liability. For example, if the sealer sprays at 65 psi into the wind, it might spray over a car, home, or building. To prevent that from happening, it’s always best to use fresh hoses that have no dry rot.

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How to Maintain Push Melter Applicators

A push melter applicator is an asphalt crack sealing equipment that is used for crack sealing. Crack sealing is an important part of asphalt maintenance. Cracks should be sealed as soon as they are visible. By sealing cracks, you can prevent water from seeping into the asphalt subbase and extend the life of the pavement. Here are some tips on how to maintain push melter applicators.

Check the Wheels

Make sure that the front caster wheels aren’t bent and are rolling smoothly. Also, check the rear wheels to ensure that they’re not seizing up due to crack sealer build up inside the axles. Often, crack sealer will build up on the wheels. What can you do to resolve this? One thing you can do is to take a torch and heat up the wheels to remove rubber buildup and ensure smooth movement.

Check the Propane

Check the torch hose and propane hoses to see if there's dry rot in them. You don’t want to have a hose that is leaking propane. Also, check the burner system in your RY10 Pro, RY10 Elite, or whatever crack filling equipment you are using. Make sure that they’re firing up properly and operating at full capacity.

Periodic Maintenance

Here are some maintenance items that should be performed before each use and intermittently.

Description Before Each Use Every 25 Hours Every 75 Hours
Check Propane Tank fuel level. Refill as needed. X    
Inspect regular and hose for physical damage or leaks X    
Inspect front caster wheel, apply grease and tighten fasteners as required X    
Inspect thermometer for physical damage or malfunctions X    
Heat up the valve with a heating torch to remove any residual material build up   X  
Remove and thoroughly clean control valve     X

How to Maintain Melter Kettles

A melter kettle is a specially made to melt down crackfiller for crack repairs. Periodic maintenance is required before each use and at set intervals to make sure it's performing safely and optimally.

Check Propane Tank fuel level

Make sure that your propane tank is not empty or close to empty. Refill or exchange as needed.

Inspect for physical damage or leaks

Check the regulator, hose, gas connections/valves, and the torch for physical damage or leaks before every use.

Periodically inspect thermometer

Check the thermometer for physical damage or malfunctioning. It is crucial for the thermometer to be accurate so you don't overheat the crackfill.

Periodically scrape the inside

Scrape any crystallized material from the inside of the kettle periodically.



So there you have it – the things you need to know about how to maintain sealcoat sprayers and push melter applicators. The steps mentioned above are pretty straightforward and can be done yourself or with the help of an expert. Maintaining equipment properly will help ensure that they are working at peak efficiency, extend the life of your machines, and most importantly, save you money over the long term.

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