How Asphalt Infrared Patching Outperforms Other Methods

Discover the superior method for blacktop repair: Asphalt infrared patching. Long-lasting durability and easy to use. Learn more and benefit your business.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on January 3

Repairing asphalt is hands-down the best way to extend its lifespan. It's the most durable, long-lasting way to fix damaged asphalt pavement, and best of all, it's easy to do. Learn more about why it's a good choice and how to use it to benefit your business in this article.

Why Infrared Asphalt Repair Outlasts Other Methods

Asphalt restoration using an infrared heater is the only rejuvenation method where no seams are left behind. This machine heats the blacktop so there is no cutting, chiseling, or sawing needed. You simply rake the heated pavement, and add fresh asphalt from the hot box as needed to top up and refresh the asphalt patch.

Before and After Infrared Asphalt Repair

On the other hand, a pothole traditionally filled with hot asphalt mix is going to have a joint between the old, cold pavement and the new hot mix. Infrared asphalt repair leaves behind a seamless patch that prevents water from getting into the cracks. That's why this method is the best option for refreshing commercial and residential pavements.

How Infrared Asphalt Repair Outperforms Other Methods

Mini HeaterJust because something is the longest-lasting fix doesn't always mean that it's easy to do, cost-effective, or a time-saver. In this case it does! When you repair blacktop with other methods, there is a lot more labor needed to prepare. For example:

  • Potholes and chuckholes need the edges cut straight and squared up.
  • Cracks and holes need debris removed and to be topped up with gravel/sand.
  • Depressions and high spots need cutting out entirely to level and refill.

There's no need to do all of that when you conduct infrared asphalt repair. Not to mention you won't need to spend as much money on product since you're recycling what's already there (no crack filler needed, either!). The machine does all that work for you, making it a time-saver and making it cost-effective. Plus, you can earn $300 in 7 Minutes with an infrared asphalt machine. 

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Your Season for Blacktop Repair Is Extended

Since this machine heats the existing pavement to temperatures of over 300ºF (the same as new hot mix) your season is far longer. Work with this equipment in far colder temperatures than you can normally patch in - even in changeable weather - just like laying new hot pavement. Plus, infrared asphalt repair can be done in minutes, unlike other methods where so much time must be spent in prep.

What Infrared Asphalt Can't Fix

As good as this equipment is, it cannot fix parking lots with damaged foundation. When the very base of an existing asphalt has failed, there is no miracle cure. This is true for all ways to repair blacktop: the foundation must be solid for any successful work to be done.

Asphalt Infrared Repair Process

  1. Heat the damaged asphalt surface with the infrared heater.
  2. Start raking the surface while hot, and add fresh heated mix from the hot box as needed (slightly overfill the top to prevent it from buckling).
  3. Tamp the area flat to compress with a vibrating plate. 

Note: High spots will need hot mix removed.

Bonus Tip: Not only can infrared asphalt repair be a better way to fill cracks than traditional crackfiller; it's also an effective way to smooth and eliminate alligator cracking.

It's green, and it's less expensive than replacement. It outlasts all other methods as no seams or joints are created.

It's better than all other methods as the asphalt doesn't need to be cut before the repair process. Infrared asphalt repair is simply the best way to repair blacktop.

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