How to Make $300 in 7 Minutes with the RY2X2 Asphalt Repair Equipment

It's possible to make $300 in 7 minutes with the RY2X2 Asphalt Repair Equipment. Read our blog to learn more about this compact yet powerful machine.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on November 12

Temperatures are dropping steadily, and you’ve probably put your crack repair and sealcoating equipment and supplies in storage by now. You've been stenciling and line striping indoors, but outdoor line striping is definitely out of the question because the ground is covered with snow.

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The downside of sealcoating and crack repair is that you can only do them during spring, summer, and certain days in the fall. But the good news is that the one thing that doesn’t go out of season is infrared asphalt repair.

And it's lucrative, too! In fact, it's possible to make $300 in under 10 minutes thanks to an asphalt repair equipment called RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater.

But what is this machine, and how can it help you finish the year stronger than ever and boost your company's annual revenue? Let’s dive right in to answer your questions.

Meet the RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater

Two RY2X2 asphalt repair equipment heating the asphalt.

It's the middle of winter and you get a few calls from customers now and then. Since the conditions are not ideal for sealcoating or even conventional crack repair, business has largely wound down for you.

But then you get those calls from customers requesting to have some potholes or depressions repaired as soon as possible. You want to say yes to these clients, but you don't have the right equipment for asphalt repair during winter.

Well, that's not a problem when you have the RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater.

RY2X2 Infrared Heater MachineRY2X2 Infrared Asphalt Heater

But how does this machine work?

In a nutshell, this asphalt repair equipment works by heating the asphalt and softening it.

Once the surface is softened and the asphalt has become loose, you can now rework the area and add asphalt millings as needed to make the area flat and usable again.

This machine is powered by a propane tank that sits on top of the unit. It heats the asphalt using infrared, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and safer for you and your customers.

In fact, it can turn 2 sq. ft. of damaged asphalt into something that you can rework in seven minutes or less!

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How You Can Use the RY2X2 for Asphalt Repair to Earn $300 in 7 Minutes

A RY2X2 asphalt repair equipment heating the distressed asphalt

Step 1. Turn on the RY2X2 and place it over the distressed asphalt to start heating it. If you're repairing a larger area, simply place multiple RY2X2s side-by-side over the distressed sections.

Step 2. Remove the RY2X2 after five to seven minutes and turn the machine off (or use it to heat and soften another distressed area). Using an asphalt lute, gently push the edges an inch or so towards the center first before reworking the entire area.

Step 3. Add asphalt millings (the darker, the better) to cover the depression if necessary.

Step 4. Spritz some asphalt millings rejuvenator on the section you are repairing.

Step 5. Compact the area using a vibrating plate compactor, an asphalt roller, or an asphalt tamper. The area can be used within minutes after repair!

See how easy repairing a distressed asphalt is with the RY2X2 for Asphalt Repair? Watch this video to see the machine in action.

RY2X2 Infrared Heater in Action

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But is This Asphalt Repair Equipment  Lucrative?

The simple answer is yes!

Let's say that you're repairing 6 sq. ft. of distressed asphalt on a single property. By investing in the RY2X2 Infrared Heater and some asphalt repair products, you can earn as much as $285 with just one customer. You can charge as much as $95 per press and recoup your investment in just 2.5 hours of presses!


8-ft Infrared Asphalt Heater Trailers vs. the RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater

Asphalt repair equipment RY2X2 heating the asphalt depressions

You've probably seen those 8' infrared asphalt heater trailers in action and you're thinking if it's better to buy one or use multiple infrared asphalt heaters instead.

We recommend that you invest in and use multiple RY2X2s instead of one large heater trailer. Heater trailers are great for fixing extensive asphalt damage, but most repair jobs are really not that big.

The total size of most potholes and asphalt depressions typically do not exceed 2 sq. ft. And even then, some are of an irregular size that it's difficult to maneuver an 8-ft asphalt repair equipment on them without damaging the surrounding area. Its versatility and maneuverability make the RY2X2 a great choice for both DIYers and contractors.

Conclusion: Making $300 in 7 Minutes with the RY2X2

Have additional questions about the RY2X2 2' Infrared Asphalt Heater or any of our other asphalt repair products? Reach out to us at 1-866-399-5562 so we can answer your questions!


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