6 Tips on How to Use a Crack Filling Machine

You just got a new crack filling machine, but do you know how to use it properly? Check out our tips on how to use a crack filling machine the right way.

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Posted by Judson Burdon on September 3

Crack filling machines are easy to use, and make sure that you and your crew are efficient. But do you know how to use it properly so you can get the most out of it? If the answer is no, then check out our tips below to learn how to use a crack filling machine the right way.

1. Make sure to set the machine to the correct operating temperature

One of the things you have to remember is to set the machine to the correct melting temperature. But what is the right crack filling melting temperature? 350°F is the ideal asphalt crack filler melting temperature. Anything beyond 400°F overheats the materials and burns off its rubber content.

RY10 has made it easy for users to monitor the temperature of its contents. The RY10 Elite units, for example, have a digital display positioned in front of the operator that makes it easy to check the temperature. 

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The RY10 Pro, on the other hand, features an easy-to-read glycerin-filled temperature gauge. Simply adjust the regulator once the temperature exceeds 400°F to control fuel flow and prevent the contents from crystalizing.

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2. Load the rubber crack filler the right way

Before loading the crack filler, make sure that you are wearing safety gloves to protect your hand. Next, carefully deposit the cube from the side or the front of the machine. The RY10 lineup has sloped sides so that the crack filler leans toward the valving system and not toward the operator.

The RY10s can accommodate two crack fillers at a time, making them more efficient than other machines on the market.

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3. Limit the crack filler to what you need

Rubberized crack fill is not exactly cheap, so you want to make sure that you use a machine that stretches your supply. Luckily, the RY10 units feature a narrow shoe, so they do not dispense excess rubberized filler into those cracks.

If you want to save on cost and ensure that your crack fill supply goes a long way, then make sure not to overfill the machine’s shoe. But when the shoe overfills (it can happen sometimes), you can always use a U or V-shaped squeegee to fix it.

4. Make sure to bring these extra tools

Have a Tiger Torch and an asphalt crack squeegee on hand each time you work. The Tiger Torch is handy in burning vegetation, melting crack fill applied previously, and cleaning crack filler buildup around the wheels. You can also use the torch to clean the valving system when a blockage occurs.

Crack filler sometimes forms into a puddle on the spot and doesn't spread out. In case of puddling, simply use a squeegee and spread it out.

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5. Choose the right crack filler

You will find three types of crack filler sold in the market right now. These include liquid crack fillers, rubberized direct-fire crack fillers, and oil-jacketed crack fillers.

Water-based liquid crack filler is typically used in residential properties to fill narrow cracks. What's great about this product is that it only takes three to four hours to dry and create a water-tight seal.

Rubberized cracks filler is melted inside direct-fire melter applicators and designed to be heated with a flame. It is ideal for contractors who service properties with vast parking lots, roads, or driveways, such as strip malls, hotels, casinos, supermarkets, churches, and more. It is one of the most popular crack fillers in the market.

Municipalities, on the other hand, often use oil-jacketed crack fillers for sealing roads. These crack fillers cannot be used with direct-fire machines and should only be used in large pumper machines.

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6. Be efficient

If you want to boost your crew's efficiency, we recommend you do something that we call the conga line. With this technique, you have your designated cleaner go ahead and brush the cracks to remove dirt. The cleaner is then followed by the person manning the blower. Finally, the worker operating the crack filling machine is the last person in this conga line.

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