How to Hire (And Retain) Talent For Your Asphalt Maintenance Business

Getting great talent for your asphalt maintenance business is really difficult. In this article we discuss four methods to help hire and retain top people.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on September 3

In spite of staggering changes to the economy, employers across the country are crying out for skilled and valuable staff members. In fact, with such fierce competition, finding and holding on to great employees may be one of the biggest challenges you will face as a business owner.

Today we’re going to offer you a brief overview on how to find the perfect employees for your business and, more importantly, how to keep them!

Here are our top tips on sourcing great employees to take your company to the next level, even during tough economic times.

  1. Take advantage of the digital sphere.
    Time is money and online platforms are a great way to filter down potential candidates, pinpointing those that are worth getting to know more.

  2. Take time to profile candidates and find the right match.
    Craigslist, other online job-seeking sites, or even reading a candidate’s CV or resume will not really help you get to know them. Social networks like Facebook can be a great way to get a feel for what a prospective employee is like outside of work, what their interests are and what sort of friends they have. Avoid being judgmental, but make sure potential employees have values that align well with your company.

  3. Decide if an expert would be advantageous to your business.
    Sometimes, hiring someone with tremendous experience is exactly what you need, but this isn’t always the case. Someone who has been in the business for years may have ingrained bad habits or be unwilling to work in the way your company prefers.

  4. Lend a guiding hand and don’t be afraid to give second chances.
    Don’t rule out work release programs at your local prison or reaching out to youngsters in need of experience!


Once you have taken the time and effort to find that perfect employee who will add value to your team, make sure to keep hold of them! Here are 4 areas you should always stay focused on if you want to retain your best staff members.

  1. Make sure your employees feel like they belong.
    Focus heavily on your team and ensure your employees feel like a valuable member of that team. Remember, it’s “our” job, not “my” job. Your employees should feel that they are working with you, not for you.

  2. Communicate well and treat your employees with respect.
    Respect goes a long way in any industry, and it really is the simplest thing to remember. Treat your employees as you would wish to be treated, and never ask them to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.

  3. Apologize for your mistakes.
    Employers are human, too. You will have “off” days, things won’t always go to plan and you might take it out on the wrong person. Try to make sure this never happens, but more importantly if it does, be responsible. Apologize, make amends and move on with a stronger relationship with your employee.

  4. Acknowledge your employees’ successes and give them breaks when needed.
    Whatever industry you’re in, it’s nice to have your successes acknowledged. Make sure your employees know when they have done a great job. Equally, if you notice an employee is disengaged, don’t immediately head for disciplinary action. Consider why this might be; they may be burned out and simply need a vacation to get them back on form. Taking time to understand your employees is much more productive in the long run and will ultimately make them more likely to stick around!

What are your top tips for finding and holding on to valuable and happy team members?


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