Own This Business? Grow It by Adding Asphalt Maintenance!

Do you own any of these businesses, and are you looking to expand the services you offer to make more money? Earn more by adding asphalt maintenance.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on October 23
  • Related businesses such as parking lot striping, lawn maintenance, and asphalt paving are best paired with parking lot repair and maintenance.
  • Combining driveway/parking lot maintenance with these services will help you leverage your existing client base and make more money.
  • Asphalt Kingdom has made it easier for business owners to expand into asphalt maintenance with packages that meet their needs and budgets.

As the years pass, you find yourself looking for new business ventures. Maybe you want to make more money, or your business's growth has plateaued. Or maybe you own a seasonal business (such as pool maintenance or holiday décor installation) and you want to make the most out of every season.

Whatever the reason that drives your business expansion, asphalt maintenance is always a good choice.

But it's not just for anyone.

Some businesses complement each other, and some just are not compatible.

Let's say you own a coffee shop or a high-end boutique and want to dive into asphalt maintenance. You could probably make it work through sheer willpower. But asphalt maintenance and your other venture just don't complement each other.

But what are the businesses that fit well with each other? Let's explore each one of them below.

Make Big Bucks With Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

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Parking Lot Striping


Stenciling the International Symbol of Access

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

You're already maintaining parking lots by making them easier to navigate with parking lot striping. So, why not take it further by turning it into a full-service asphalt maintenance business?

Moreover, you already have a list of existing clients, and you can leverage that by offering sealcoating and asphalt repair.

Your Game Plan

Invest in an asphalt business package to start. You can start small with the Weekend Warrior Package. But if you want to go big, then choose the All-In or Enterprise Package.

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Snow Removal Services

Asphalt Kingdom snow blowingMan removing snow with a snow blower (Photo by Александр Коновалов)

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

If you offer a standalone snow removal service, chances are you're actively looking for opportunities to make money beyond winter. Maintaining asphalt is the next logical step since you already know parking lots like the back of your hand. You know where the potholes and cracks are and which parking lots are in dire need of sealcoat the moment all that snow melts.

Your Game Plan

Most asphalt maintenance jobs start in the summer, so you might have to wait a bit before you can begin. But you can use this time to learn more about applying sealcoat and conducting crack and pothole repair. Check out the Asphalt Kingdom's comprehensive courses and blog to get ready.

You can also reach out to your existing and potential clients to inform them that you'll be offering a new service soon.

But if you can't wait for next summer, you can still get started this winter by investing in Asphalt Kingdom's Pothole Package first. You can integrate it into your existing snow removal service as infrared asphalt patching can be carried out during the winter.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Asphalt Kingdom lawn maintenanceMake more money when you combine lawn and asphalt maintenance (Photo by Daniel Watson)

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

Lawn and asphalt maintenance is a match made in heaven. First, the clients of these services overlap and they share a few pieces of equipment equipment.

They also share the same knowledge and expertise on pavement cleaning, drainage, and grading. Plus, asphalt maintenance provides a seasonal balance so you can make money all year long. 

For example, you can focus on lawn mowing and lawn treatment in the spring. Come summer, you can start offering sealcoating, crack repair, and line striping to your clients.

Your Game Plan

Asphalt sealing and crack repair might seem worlds apart from lawn maintenance, but as mentioned, there is an overlap between equipment and tools used in both services. 

For example, you're already using a gas blower to remove leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. You also probably have a sidewalk edger to keep lawn edges sharp and clean. The good news is these surface equipment can also be used to prep asphalt surfaces.

Planning to start asphalt maintenance next year? Take small steps by investing in a starter sealcoat sprayer like the AK55 Sealer Sprayer for Drums or a crack filling machine like the RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine. Practice sealing and crack filling in the spring before you officially launch this service to new and existing customers in the summer.

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Power Washing Services

Asphalt Kingdom Power WashingPower washing a sidewalk (Photo by Sam Balye)

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

Thanks to your handy pressure washer, you're the master of blasting away dirt, mud, and moss on concrete and stone driveways. But you sometimes find yourself chasing clients because power washing is the only service you offer. Competition in the industry is fierce, and you frequently find yourself strapped for cash.

If this is the case, then asphalt maintenance is something you should add to grow your business. It's similar to lawn maintenance and snow removal in the sense that the customers of either service overlap.

Plus, offering both pressure washing and asphalt maintenance shows you are versatile enough to tackle different types of pavement materials.

Your Game Plan

Starting an asphalt cleaning and repair business is going to be a challenge because you have to start from scratch equipment-wise. The best choice is to start with a small sealcoat sprayer and a drum or two of asphalt sealer.

If you want to hit the ground running on your first sealcoating season, check out the Weekend Warrior Package, which Asphalt Kingdom assembled especially for people like you.

Commercial Cleaning Business

Asphalt Kingdom Commercial CleaningCommercial cleaning (Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty))

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

Do you own a commercial cleaning business and want to expand to asphalt maintenance? Then you've made the right choice. 

Both business's customer base overlap, making brand expansion easier and marketing more efficient. 

These complementary services also provide seasonal balance, enabling you to reach financial stability faster.

Your Game Plan

Since you already have an existing customer base, get started by spreading the word around in person and on social media. Dip your toes into the service by investing in the Weekend Warrior Package first.

This package contains asphalt surface prep must-haves, such as a walk-behind gas blower and crack cleaner. It also includes crucial asphalt maintenance equipment, such as a line striper, sealer sprayer, and crack filling machine.

It also includes boxes of crack fillers and drums of asphalt emulsion sealer.

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Asphalt Paving


Paving an asphalt road

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

If you own an asphalt paving company, it makes sense that you may want to add asphalt maintenance to your list of services. You built it, so why not maintain it?

Maintaining asphalt, however, is a whole new challenge from paving it. Plus, you need a different set of tools and equipment to offer this service. And although you've paved driveways and parking lots for many years, you still need to learn new skills.

Your Game Plan

Among all the other businesses mentioned in this list, yours is the best positioned to leap into asphalt maintenance.

Check out the All-In and Enterprise Packages by Asphalt Kingdom. These business packages were created for people who wish to explore asphalt maintenance and turn this venture into one of their main sources of income.

The All-In Package, for example, comes with everything you need to offer sealcoating, line striping, and crack filling immediately. 

The Enterprise Package is geared towards large-scale asphalt paving companies as it comes with the latest in sealcoating, line striping, and crack-filling technology. 

Best of all, the package includes everything you need to prep asphalt to perfection, such as a gas blower, power broom, and heat lance.

House Painting

Asphalt Kingdom House PaintingResidential painting (Photo by Ricky Singh)

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

Offering asphalt maintenance alongside a house painting business can provide a valuable diversification of your services.

It widens the customer base by catering to homeowners who require both exterior painting and asphalt upkeep. It also creates cross-selling opportunities, allowing you to upsell asphalt services to existing painting clients and vice versa.

Your Game Plan

Starting an asphalt company requires careful planning, including securing the necessary equipment, permits, and a solid business plan.

Start by thoroughly researching the asphalt maintenance industry. Understand the types of services you can offer, as well as the materials, equipment, and techniques involved. Check out Asphalt Kingdom's courses and blog to learn more about how to get started.

The Weekend Warrior is a good package for house painting business owners. But you can also purchase asphalt maintenance equipment one by one for several months so you can get ready by late spring or summer. 

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Handyman Services

Asphalt Kingdom HandymanA handyman fixing a broken faucet (Image by fran1 from Pixabay)

Why It Works Well With Asphalt Maintenance

Adding asphalt maintenance to a handyman business expands the range of services offered and attracts a wider customer base.

Asphalt maintenance, which includes tasks like sealing, crack repair, and line striping, complements the general home repair and maintenance services provided by a handyman.

It allows for cross-selling opportunities to existing clients, enhancing revenue potential. Asphalt work can be seasonal, filling gaps in the handyman's schedule during off-peak times.

Additionally, it positions the business as a comprehensive property maintenance provider, increasing customer trust and loyalty.

Your Game Plan

Integrating your asphalt maintenance business with your handyman business is a strategic move that can streamline operations and make running your business more efficient.

Begin by thoroughly researching the asphalt maintenance industry. Understand the specific services involved, materials, equipment, and best practices. Consider enrolling in training courses or hiring experienced asphalt professionals to train your team.

Invest in the necessary asphalt maintenance equipment and supplies, including sealcoating machines, crack fillers, and line striping tools. Make sure your team is well-trained in operating this equipment safely and effectively.


Ready to start your foray into asphalt maintenance? We're here to help! Get in touch with our customer service team at 866-399-5562 or drop a line to sales@asphaltkingdom.com. Shop the Asphalt Kingdom store now to choose the equipment or package that's right for you.

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