Clean Oil Stains on Asphalt

Are you sick of staring at those oil stains? Has the asphalt driveway on your home been harmed by gas or oil leaks?

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on February 8

Tired of looking at those oil stains on your asphalt or concrete driveway and walkways? Have gas and oil leaks damaged your asphalt driveway? Clean oil stains on asphalt to maintain the aesthetic value of your property and to maintain the asphalt surface. 


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Top 10 Pavement Defects & How to Fix Them

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Few things can hurt a home’s curbside appeal more than oil stains on a driveway. Certainly, they’re an eyesore, but did you know that if left untreated, they can lead to cracking and decay of a driveway’s asphalt? They’re an indicator that damage is occurring which can potentially cause serious decay and deterioration of your blacktop driveway or parking lot. This can ultimately lead to expensive repairs or replacement of your driveway.

Regular oil removal from blacktop surfaces is an essential part of maintenance that will significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt.

Purchase a Degreaser

No, you can’t simply add an asphalt sealcoat on top of oil stains to hide them. They will eat their way back to the surface, even through new sealcoat. To clean oil stains on asphalt, you must use an industrial strength degreaser and oil stain removal product.

Asphalt Kingdom offers the most effective product to remove oil from asphalt. Asphalt Kingdom Universal Degreaser and Oil-Flo Solvent Cleaner can be used on both asphalt and concrete and effectively removes grease and oil with its eco-friendly formula that is both biodegradable and non-ammonia based. This means that it is safe for use around kids and pets, and it can be used to degrease engines and garbage cans and can even clean pet stains, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Show me the steps to remove oil stains from asphalt

The Best Biodegradable Degreaser

Concerned about the environment? Looking for ‘green’ products that are eco friendly? You've come to the right place. The AsphaltKingdom Degreaser and Oil Stain Removal formula contains environmentally friendly components including surfactants, wetting agents, non-slip agents, surface interstitchel, molecular binding, and inhibitors against corrosion to ensure the best cleaning and degreasing performance and is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

FORGET about all those ammonia based products hurting our environment and especially your household environment that your children may be in. Asphalt Kingdom has the oil stain removal formula that will work on any surface stains and we mean any. This product's formulation allows the Asphalt Kingdom Degreaser to replace components that would deplete our planet's ozone, such as TCE, corrosive cleaners, and PCE, while still making it a safe cleaner.

Perfect for use on asphalt or concrete driveways, floors, walkways and sidewalks. Super for degreasing engines, tools, lawnmowers and garden equipment, garbage cans, fencing and cleaning vinyl siding and great for pet stains, kitchens and bathrooms too.

  • Are you a sealcoating company in need of the perfect asphalt oil stain remover that is completely safe for your employees and customers?
  • Are you in need of a proven product that will eat through even the toughest asphalt stains?

Clean Oil Stains on AsphaltIf you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have the perfect solution for you!

No more failed attempts to penetrate oil and surface soiling on any asphalt surface! Asphalt Kingdom is your magic solution! The Asphalt Kingdom Asphalt Degreaser can be used on any surface including asphalt or concrete driveways, floors, walkways and sidewalks.

Asphalt Kingdom Degreaser leaves no surface residue or white streaks and leaves a slip free surface eliminating safety hazards, shipped to your door and ready to use! Bio-Degradable and Agriculture Approved benefits the Environment.

This Asphalt Kingdom Degreaser is a New Breakthrough in Residential and Commercial Universal Degreasing Technology!

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Steps for Oil Cleanup on Asphalt

Before you seal coat or repair any asphalt surface, you need to prepare the surface properly and a key part of that process is making sure to remove any grease or oil and gas drips and leaks. If you don't, the old grease, oil or gas will eat its way right back up through the new sealcoat or repaired area.

If you are planning to reseal your driveway, it’s the perfect time to clean oil stains on asphalt. However, before you start to remove oil from the asphalt, start by scrubbing the entire driveway with a stiff broom. Remove all the dirt and blot puddles of oil. Next apply the degreaser to stains. You can use a rag, cloth or broom to apply.

Bensink Rotary Broom for Easy Cleaning


At this point, it’s also a good idea to determine if there are any stains that have significantly damaged the asphalt. To do this, take a screwdriver and press on stains. If it sinks into the oil stain, it means that the asphalt has been burnt from the acidic properties in the oil and will need to be replaced.


To remove the asphalt, you will have to heat the oil with a blow torch and lightly scrape the stained asphalt with a shovel. This hole will need to then be replaced with cold patch that you can buy at the local hardware store or by ordering our bags of cold patch online or by phone (1-866-399-5562). Alternatively, you can always have a local contractor use hot asphalt.

If the stained surface is still firm, you can use a rag or cloth to effectively remove the substance. We strongly advise not using paint thinner or any variety of petroleum-based cleaner for oil removal from blacktop. Not only are they not effective, these products can cause serious degradation of your asphalt; leaving you with crumbling gravel that will most certainly need to be replaced.

We offer our Industrial Strength Degreaser and Oil Stain Remover in several sizes and can ship it directly to you. Perfect for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, you’ll undoubtedly find many uses of this incredibly versatile product.

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Other Types of Stains

Of course, it’s highly important to clean oil stains on asphalt. But, it’s also necessary to clean other substances from driveways, as well. When left on asphalt, gasoline, transmission fluid, and salt can also be extremely damaging. Asphalt Kingdom’s Universal Degreaser works on a wide variety of stains. And, by all means, do not attempt to remove these stains with the use of paint thinner or any type of petroleum-based product. Just as in the case of oil, these products will burn through asphalt leaving you with a gravelly, gooey mess that will most likely need to be replaced.

Asphalt Kingdom’s Industrial Strength Degreaser and Oil Stain Removal product is available in a variety of sizes and can be shipped free directly to your home or place of business. Best of all, it has literally thousands of uses. Besides removing oil from asphalt, it is also highly effective on degreasing engines, garden equipment, and garbage cans. It can even clean pet stains, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Protect Your Asphalt

After you clean up the stains on asphalt, you should protect your repairs with sealcoating. You can get our free asphalt course e-mailed directly to you or you can check out our online sealcoating guide.

Need advice about how to maintain your asphalt? Contact our experts toll-free at 1-866-399-5562 for FREE, helpful advice.

Top 10 Pavement Defects & How to Fix Them Mockup-1

Top 10 Pavement Defects & How to Fix Them

Extend the Life of Your Pavement with Expert Advice and DIY Solutions


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