Asphalt Welding: A Great Money-Maker

Asphalt welding is an in-demand service that can help you double your revenue while you're sealcoating driveways. Find out how to add this simple service.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on January 30

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If you have an asphalt sealcoating business, you can make even more money through a simple little service offering. Let's face it: you're already going to driveways and parking lots and you're already doing the crack filling and the seal coating.

I want to teach you another little piece that you can actually profit from tremendously.



                                         How To Make More Money with Asphalt Welding

Asphalt welding is a really simple service offering. Here is how it goes:

Municipalities and different townships repave streets every several years. They cut out the curbs or they lay in new curbs. And while they do that, they cut out the bottom footing of the driveway, the residential driveways. They cut back usually 6 to 10 feet.

Well, what happens is, they repave that area once they redo the street, and when they repave it, you end up with a big black new strip of smooth, brand new asphalt. It looks very, very strange when it's butting up against the old oxidized gray asphalt of driveways that are the existing driveways. You'll get that seam where the new asphalt meets the old asphalt, that one seam that runs across the driveway allows water to get in, freeze and expand cause further damage or erode the foundation.

So the cities are actually putting a crack through your driveway and it's also an eye sore. Let's face it. The aesthetic appearance of your property is incredibly important to you. It's the value of your home, right?

  1. Start by simply taking a tiger torch (you can visit to see our tiger torch units) and use it to heat up the seam.
  2. Heat both sides, the old asphalt and the brand new asphalt that the city just laid in.
  3. Once you heat that up, you literally take a plate compactor or a vibrating plate, and you tip it up on its back edge so the impact per square inch is more because you tip it on its actual edge. And when you tip it on its edge, it will actually blend the hot asphalt, the old hot asphalt, and the new hot asphalt, to create a seamless immersion of that surface.

That's it! Problem solved, pavement saved! You can charge up to $5 a linear foot. Meaning that if you had 15 feet or 20 feet do, do the math, right? You can make an easy $100 in addition to your sealcoat job. So instead of just going and making $100 or $150, by sealcoating a 4-car driveway, why not make $250 and offer that service? So once you do one driveway, that becomes your demo job, start selling all the other neighbors on this asphalt welding tip.

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I hope this tip makes you a bunch more money, and we're so excited to hear your feedback. Call us at 866-399-5562 to find out what vibrating plate and plate compactors and torches you'll need to get this job done right

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