Asphalt Maintenance Equipment Investments That Save You Time

This blog covers all the asphalt maintenance equipment investments that can save you time in your business. Find out how you can be more efficient!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on June 18

Growing an asphalt business requires time and energy. The right asphalt maintenance equipment investment increases productivity. With that extra time, you can focus on other activities, like cold calling or training. Below are five pieces of investment equipment that pay for themselves.

Rotary Broom

One of the key tenets of asphalt maintenance is that the equipment makes the job easier. In the case of a rotary broom, surface preparation takes a fraction of the time. You know that a clean surface means a higher quality product for the customer.

Rotary Broom

The principle behind the rotary broom is simple. A broom is attached to a motor, which you can then wheel around easily. The broom takes over the hours of intense work cleaning dirt, leaves, and moss from the asphalt surface. Plus, this piece of asphalt maintenance equipment does it in a fraction of the time.

Ride-On Line Striper

You already have a self-propelled line striper machine. That equipment investment became necessary to keep up with your workload. However, growing your asphalt business now requires more from you and your crews. That's where a ride-on attachment can help.

Ride-On Line Striper

A ride-on attachment allows your crew to control a line striping machine while seated. These attachments are likely to double productivity and accuracy. Plus, the equipment investment reduces fatigue among your crew members.

Additionally, recent line striping machine improvements can help you deliver an even more precise product. Certain companies have begun adding mapping software to their machines that removes the need for tape measures and markers while line striping. That's an exciting productivity booster.

RY30 and a Couple of Melter-Applicators

Crack sealing is a valuable service and mainstay of any asphalt maintenance business. This beneficial activity can always be more efficient. Now that you're ready to make an equipment investment to skyrocket your productivity, an oven and melter-applicators are an excellent choice.

RY30 Crackfiller Melter Oven

Equipment investments like the RY30 melter oven provide options. This asphalt maintenance equipment lets you melt crack sealer to a usable temperature faster and in larger quantities than a mobile applicator. In fact, the crack sealer melter oven holds enough to do over 1,500 feet at a time without refills.

You can transfer the crack sealing material from the oven to a portable melter-applicator once it is ready. The RY30 even has a special valve for the transfer. Then there's no melting wait time, and your crew can get to work on large surfaces without waiting for more material to melt.

Laser Line Sights

Parking lot lines appear as one of the simplest things. However, once you start painting lines, you learn how difficult they can be to perfect. Parking lots are filled with crooked or inconsistent line striping, and that needs to change.

Laser Line Sights

Laser line sights are a cost-effective solution. These come in single or double laser varieties. Which one works best depends on you and your crew members' personal preferences. A single laser only shows where the paint will hit. A double shows the start and endpoints of the spray.

Knowing exactly where the paint will land significantly improves precision. It also helps you cut down on product waste and project time. Laser lines sights are easy to install, and they use batteries available at any store.

Sealcoat Edger

One of the trickiest parts to get right on sealcoating jobs is the edge. If rushed, the typical edges do not look clean or uniform. In fact, sealcoat often ends up on walls, doors, and sidewalks. Doing the border with two people and a plywood board means double the labor costs.

                                  Sealcoat Edging at Walking Speed While Sealcoating Asphalt


A sealcoat edger, like the Wand Wizard Edger, is a great equipment investment. They turn edging into a single-person job that comes out perfect every time. This piece of asphalt maintenance equipment will also increase your jobs' value since the result looks amazing.

A sealcoat edger is an attachment for your existing spraying equipment. It limits the fan of the spray so that you and your crew don't need to worry about moving a board around. A good sealcoat edger limits how much product is wasted and delivers smooth application to the asphalt.

Standard Operating Procedures for Asphalt Maintenance Contractors

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