Win More Bids with Asphalt Maintenance Business Software

Figure out how to win more bids with Asphalt Maintenance Business Software that has easy to read dashboards and cost-effective lead tracking.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on April 9

Not only do you need to do your asphalt maintenance jobs, but you’re also responsible for keeping the office side correct. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips and a business proposal software designed specifically for asphalt maintenance to help.

Bid Winning Strategies in Asphalt Maintenance

Winning a bid goes beyond offering the lowest price for the service. Following these tips ensures you create a lasting impression and trust with your customer.

Know Your Cost of Operation

Before you start seeing customers, you need to know a rough figure for how much you will spend on each job aspect. Suppose you have a rough figure for how much ten feet of crack sealing runs you in terms of labor and materials. In that case, you can better serve your asphalt maintenance customers.

Offer High-Quality Product

All the business software in the world cannot help your asphalt maintenance company if you do not offer a quality product. It’s vital to provide fantastic quality by not cutting corners on materials. It also means training your crew in the best methods available.

Additionally, you must be an expert in asphalt maintenance. When you’re with customers, you should be able to answer questions and explain the solutions to them. This expertise builds trust in you and your product.

Appear Professional

Easy changes like going to meetings in a branded polo can make a world of difference in the impression you leave the customer. Additionally, choices like having a logo on your truck or coming prepared with measuring tools aid this professional impression.

Provide Recommendations and Options

Part of being an asphalt maintenance expert is providing recommendations so that parking lots, driveways, and other asphalt surfaces come out looking amazing. You may also want to use asphalt maintenance proposal software to display optional additions on jobs.

One good way to gain customers is to offer small but valuable upgrades on jobs. For example, offering free line striping on sealcoating contracts over a certain amount increases the perceived value you’re offering.

Local Web Presence

Having a local web presence, such as a website and social media pages, can also make an enormous difference. This presence provides legitimacy for your business when customers look you up.

You do not need a complicated web presence. You can set up your website with a home page displaying your services, a contact us page, and an about us page with a little bit of why you started your business. You can fill social media with photos of jobs you’ve done.

What AK Dash Can Do for Your Business

AK Dash is a useful software for any asphalt maintenance business. This tool serves as both proposal and office management, meaning you can grow your business faster with just one program.

Designed for Asphalt Work

AK Dash is a business software designed specifically for pavement asset management contractors. That means it has all the features you need for your business rather than you having to cobble them together from distinct software options. Efficiency is productivity.

Easy to Read Dashboards

AK Dash is unlike many other proposal software packages in asphalt maintenance. The focus on keeping the numbers understandable and actionable led to simple dashboards. You can see the entirety of your business in a few simple graphs.


Unlike many business software packages, this tool is cost-effective. Many of the features are designed to make you more money, so the software pays for itself within a few jobs.

Built-In To-Do Lists

One of the great features of this asphalt maintenance business software is the built-in to-do list function. It covers everything from accounts receivable to customer follow-up for initial appointments. It’s a great way to keep track of the many demands on your time.

Lead Tracking

When you spend your time making cold calls or knocking on doors, that turns into many leads. With a built-in contact database and a wraparound customer relations process, you can convert leads into jobs efficiently.

One of the most useful features involves what happens after you use the asphalt maintenance proposal software. AK Dash keeps track of proposal timelines and reminds you to follow up on every one, so your company stays top of mind.

Client Portals

AK Dash client portals are another great asphalt maintenance business software feature. You can set up the portals with your company branding. Then customers can view their proposal, make payments, and communicate with your company efficiently.

14 Day Trial

You can try AK Dash for free for 14 days to see how it works for you. Try out the AK Dash asphalt maintenance business software here.

Win More Bids with Asphalt Maintenance Business Software


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