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Get your investment back fast with Asphalt Kingdom's turnkey pavement sealcoat sprayers. Read about these bestselling sealcoating equipment here.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on September 15

Sealcoating is a lucrative business. But if you're still using drums and totes, then you might not be as efficient or as profitable as you want to be. Work on large properties and reduce downtime with these professional turnkey pavement sealcoat sprayers from Asphalt Kingdom.


AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine

We have two bestselling sealcoating equipment available here at Asphalt Kingdom: the AK130 and AK230.

The AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine is typically used in residential driveways and small commercial parking lots due to its high capacity.

Its tank can hold up to 130 gallons of asphalt sealer and can cover as much as 13,000 square feet of pavement. The tank is made of corrosion-resistant and bulletproof steel so you can use it for many years.

The unit comes with a spray gun, a heavy-duty engine and pump, and a durable sealcoating hose. You can easily transfer driveway sealer from a 55-gallon drum or tote using its quick-connect camlock.

The machine automatically shuts down when you're low in oil to protect the engine. It is equipped with a ball valve gun that allows you to control the release of the sealer while you work. Plus, it is compatible for use with our asphalt emulsion sealer.

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AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer

Another premium sealcoating equipment Asphalt Kingdom offers is the AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer. This high-capacity sealcoating system is ideal for large-scale residential and commercial projects.

It comes with a powerful 7HP engine-and-pump combination, and the tank can hold up to 230 gallons of driveway sealer, allowing you to sealcoat as much as 23,000 square feet of pavement.

Unlike other sealcoating sprayer units in the market, the AK230 allows you to mix your sealer inside the tank. It also comes with quick-connect fittings, a 50-feet sealcoating hose, and a spray gun. The tank itself is made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel with an easy-access top lid.

When you purchase this unit, you'll also get 3 quick-connect spray nozzles. It is compatible with asphalt emulsion sealers.

Just like the AK130, the AK230 features inner and outer splash lids that prevent the liquid inside from spilling out of the tank during use or transport.

This pavement sealcoat sprayer self-primes the pump after the user starts the engine, allowing it to recirculate the sealer inside of the tank.

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Get Your Investment Back—Fast!

What's great about these turnkey sealcoating systems is that you will be able to recoup your original investment quickly. Both units feature high-capacity tanks, so it's easy for you to work on a 10,000 to 20,000 square feet parking lot in one go.

Interested in knowing how you can boost your profits and hit your asphalt maintenance business goals this year with our sealcoating equipment? Reach out to us at 1-866-399-5562 and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions or hear your feedback.

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