Line Striping Tips and Tricks from the Pros

With these line striping tips and tricks from the pros, you can deliver high-quality results, obtain referrals and ultimately grow your business.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 5

Getting the perfect line while line striping is a challenge. However, producing the ideal parking lot line every time helps you deliver quality work, obtain referrals, and grow your business as a line painter. Check below for tricks from a professional striper.

Price Services Correctly

Pricing is the key between you making money as a parking lot painter and you struggling. First, people do research the costs online. In 2021, a popular home improvement contractor website puts line striping at $0.25 per linear foot, with increases for special markings like no parking hatching.

Given the average length of parking lot lines, that means your customers are prepared to pay between $4 and $5 per line. You can also upcharge about 20% if there are no existing parking lines to follow to account for the necessary measuring.

Billy Davidson offers a fantastic line striping course that includes all the details you could need to price your services and make money.

Clean the Surface

While line striping paint is highly adhesive, you still need to clean up the parking lot lines before applying new paint. You do not need to remove the old lines. However, any debris caught between the old lines and the fresh paint will result in faster deterioration.

Thoroughly cleaning the surface can make line striping paint stick better

For most lines, a good sweep is all it takes to remove the debris. You want to confirm you got off all the dirt, vegetation, and other debris on the parking lot lines. If there is a particularly stubborn stain, try to avoid getting it wet to clean.

Another vital tool for cleaning is a wire brush. You can get these attached to broom handles to save your knees. Typically, this brush is best for the three feet closest to the curb where standing water cakes dirt on.

Hold the Pressure Wash Where Possible

While pressure washing cleans quickly, it takes a couple of days to dry the lot out again. As a parking lot painter, time is often the one thing you don’t have much of. Companies need their parking lots available again pronto.

Kill Mold Before Striping

Depending on where you live, mold and mildew may be common. While you may think painting over the mold kills it, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Instead, the mold keeps growing, and it damages the new parking lot lines.

There are several ways to remove mold in a parking lot, and most of them take time. There are specific, branded cleaning products you can use. You can also apply a homemade solution to achieve the same results.


One of the easiest options is to use a hand sprayer. A solution of 50% Sodium hypochlorite and 50% water works well. It kills both the live mold and the spores that can remain dormant indefinitely.

Remember, while you’re handling mold and mildew, you should take appropriate safety precautions. A dust mask and gloves are a good starting point.


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Avoid Clearing the Lot Twice

Time is one of the big commodities when painting parking lot lines. Typically, you only have a limited window while the parking lot is clear for you to paint. Going over results is an inconvenience for your customers.

That means doing everything possible to stay on track. It’s often a miracle to get the lot completely clear once. Needing it done two or three times usually means you will not get a repeat customer.

Striper Shortage

Nationwide, many established asphalt maintenance and line striping companies receive calls to do parking lot lines outside their normal service area. Often, these callers say they cannot find anyone closer to them.

While some take it as a sign to expand, it also indicates the broad demand for parking lot line painters. Once you have set up your business, you may want to reach out to the surrounding asphalt maintenance companies and see if they get calls regarding your location.

If they do, that’s an opportunity to form a partnership. This option will provide you jobs while you establish your business, gain referrals, and let the digital marketing aspects like your Google My Business page take hold.

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