How to Fix Alligator Cracks in Your Asphalt: DIY Guide

Learn how to effectively fix alligator cracks using Gator Patch with this DIY asphalt maintenance guide for quick & lasting asphalt repair.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on June 14

Ever drove down a road and felt that familiar jolt from a hidden pothole? Those surprise craters are often the result of something called "alligator cracks." These aren't your average driveway flaws. They're a network of interconnected cracks that resemble alligator skin, hence the name. While they might seem like a cosmetic issue, alligator cracks are actually a silent threat to your asphalt pavement’s health.

But don’t worry, fixing alligator cracks doesn't require a construction crew or a hefty bill. Meet Gator Patch, a simple, DIY asphalt repair solution that lets you fix these cracks quickly and easily, transforming your driveway from a potential danger zone to a smooth, safe ride.

How Alligator Cracks Form

How do alligator cracks form? It’s simple: water. 

Rain seeps into asphalt cracks, and when temperatures drop, that water freezes and expands. This freeze-thaw cycle happens repeatedly, pushing the crack edges further apart and creating a deeper problem. Over time, these cracks weaken the asphalt, making it more susceptible to further damage and ultimately leading to – you guessed it – potholes. 

Alligator cracks create an uneven surface, posing a tripping hazard for pedestrians and making for a bumpy, uncomfortable ride for drivers. They can also collect water, turning into icy patches during winter and creating a safety hazard in colder climates.


Gator Patch: The Ultimate Solution for Alligator Cracks

Gator Patch comes in 5-gallon buckets, making it easy for anyone to carry and transport to their repair sites.

This alligator crack repair solution is also available in half-pallets or full pallets, providing enough product to tackle larger projects without additional trips to the store. 

It’s versatile, handling both cracks and shallow holes with a single application, saving you time and money.

Coverage and Efficiency

Coverage is another area where Gator Patch shines. It can cover a significant amount of ground, unlike some crack fillers that only address small areas. You can easily patch 150 linear feet of cracks or 80-100 square feet in one go, allowing you to complete the asphalt repair faster and with fewer applications.

Gator Patch isn't just about efficiency; it also delivers a long-lasting result. Cracked asphalt creates an uneven surface that's unpleasant to drive on. Gator Patch fills and smooths out the cracks, leaving your driveway looking nearly brand new.

These repairs are built to last. Gator Patch provides solutions that can withstand years of wear and tear, meaning you can enjoy a safe and attractive driveway for a long time without worrying about redoing the repairs each season. 

Unlike traditional repairs that can take days to cure, Gator Patch allows you to get back on your driveway in under 6 hours, minimizing downtime and ensuring quick access.


Gator Patch

How to Use Gator Patch

The good news is, you don't need to be a professional to achieve these amazing results. Gator Patch is easy to use and allows you to tackle those pesky alligator cracks yourself, saving time and money on professional repairs.


Before we get into the application of Gator Patch, there are a few essential tools you will need. 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on new tools because you’ll find most of them lying in your backyard. Aside from the Gator Patch bucket, you will need a wire broom to clear away all the debris from the area. This will help the product to seep in and bond properly. Keep a squeegee handy for spreading the material smoothly and evenly.

Grab your trusty wire broom and sweep away any loose gravel, dirt, or debris lurking within the cracks. A good, thorough sweep is crucial here. You're essentially creating the foundation for a smooth repair. By meticulously removing anything that might prevent a strong bond, you're setting the stage for the Gator Patch to fill in the cracks and create a like-new surface. 


Once you’ve prepped the cracks, open your Gator Patch bucket. Unlike sealcoating, which requires a thick layer, remember that Gator Patch works best with thin coats. A thinner application adheres better and cures faster, ensuring lasting results.

Grab your squeegee and pour a small amount of Gator Patch next to the crack – a little goes a long way here. Remember, we're not filling giant potholes; we're targeting those alligator cracks. 

Hold the squeegee at an angle and gently, yet firmly, press the Gator Patch material into the crack. Use a back-and-forth motion so the material fills all the voids and reaches the edges.

Here's a key tip: Don't try to be a hero and tackle the entire driveway at once. Work in small sections for better control and to ensure you completely fill the cracks. Once you've filled a section, take a step back and inspect your work. If any areas seem low or uneven, don't freak out! Simply repeat steps 2 and 3, applying a second thin coat for a complete fill.

Before the Gator Patch dries, grab a damp cloth or rag. Gently wipe away any excess material that might have spilled onto the surrounding asphalt. This will prevent imperfections and give your repair a clean, professional look.

Drying & Curing

One of the biggest benefits of Gator Patch is its quick drying time. Under ideal conditions, with temperatures above 50°F and no rain, the surface can dry to the touch in as little as 2-4 hours. This means you can walk on the repaired area relatively soon after application.

While the surface might dry quickly, this doesn't mean the Gator Patch is fully cured and ready for traffic. 

Here's why curing time matters:

Curing is a crucial process that allows the Gator Patch to form a complete and long-lasting bond with the existing asphalt. For Gator Patch, this curing process typically takes 24 - 48 hours.

Avoid driving on the patched area during the curing time. To prevent any accidental traffic, cordon off the repaired section using cones or caution tape. This will give the Gator Patch ample time to fully cure.

Gator Patch FAQ

Q: How fast can I walk on Gator Patch?

A: While you might be eager to test out your handiwork, remember that curing takes time. The good news? You can actually walk on the repaired area before it fully cures (within those ideal drying times of 2-4 hours).

Q: Can I apply Gator Patch in any weather?

A: Gator Patch can be applied in most weather conditions. However, there are a couple of limitations: avoid applying it in freezing temperatures or during heavy rain. Freezing temperatures can affect the curing process, while heavy rain can wash away the material before it bonds properly.

Q: How easy is it to clean up Gator Patch?

A: Before the Gator Patch dries, any accidental spills or splatters on the surrounding asphalt can be easily cleaned up with water and a damp cloth. This will prevent imperfections and give your repair a professional finish.

Fix Alligator Cracks Today!

Gator Patch offers a simple and effective solution to tackle unsightly and potentially hazardous alligator cracks by yourself.

Stop dreaming of a smooth driveway and start making it a reality today! Gator Patch is available for purchase at Asphalt Kingdom.

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