Hot Pothole Memes that You Don't Need to Swerve On

Looking for hot pothole memes to take away the pain of the damage that pothole caused to your car? Check out our curated meme collection.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on December 11

Potholes are everywhere, and most often appear in high traffic areas or in poorly maintained asphalt surfaces. Parking lots, roads, and any asphalt surface are at risk of forming potholes. When a pothole appears, it becomes a nuisance to anyone who drives on that pavement.

What happens when something is annoying?

Pothole memes!

Here are the hottest pothole memes to keep you chuckling about this troublesome yet repairable problem.

Seasonal Pothole Memes

Although asphalt holes and depressions can form during any season of the year, it's fun to see how things change with the seasons.

Deep Pothole meme

Spring brings showers, and when it rains, it's a mystery how deep that pothole really is!


Jason Halloween meme

When Halloween comes around, there are plenty of potholes — unless they get patched!


Christmas pothole meme

For Americans, we see the Christmas spirit creeping in on our other favorite holidays!


Pothole Memes

Snow makes potholes worse when it melts, but for a little while, the snow fills the potholes and it's easier to drive on them!


Santa pothole meme
Potholes can ruin anyone's day, even Santa!

Pothole Damage Memes

Let's not forget how much damage potholes can cause to vehicles, either directly or indirectly.

Pothole Meme

When the swerve was too powerful...


wheel alignment pothole meme

Take care of your wheel alignment, guys!


When you were vibing with the music too hard to notice the upcoming pothole 😬



The average cost for pothole-related vehicle damage is $406 – AAA

Location-Specific Pothole Memes

Of course, every geographic area has its inside joke about potholes.


Are those potholes or sinkholes? 🤔



Both sides of the pond have it bad...



PA drivers have definitely learned the pothole dodge!

Asphalt Repair Equipment & Contractor Memes

Did you know there's equipment specifically made to heat up the asphalt in a pothole and for asphalt repair? For asphalt maintenance contractors, pothole repair is a lucrative service that can be done year-round.

In winter, asphalt maintenance companies typically take a break from work because it's a seasonal business. However, potholes can be fixed even during the winter! So when it starts to get cool, we break out the Pothole Hunting costumes.


Smart contractors using our Mini Infrared Heater can make $1200/hour fixing potholes


fall pothole meme

When temps start getting chilly, asphalt sealcoating is out of the picture, but there are PLENTY of asphalt cracks and holes to fix.


santa infrared machine meme

Santa isn't granting any miracles this year for your love life, but financing is available to help you if you want to start a pothole repair business.


parking lot safety meme

Here at AK, we call our contractors "pavement asset managers" because they're managing their clients' pavement assets. That means they're always on the lookout to keep their clients' parking lots safe. Learn how you can get started in the industry here.

How easy is pothole repair?

Whether you have a pothole or want to repair potholes for money, it is a straightforward process!

Video: How to make over $1,000 per day with 6 easy steps

Our Asphalt Patching Guide teaches you about the different pothole patching techniques, materials and equipment. Some methods, like infrared patching, last longer than using cold patch.

Interested in a pothole fixing hustle? Potholes can be repaired all year-round, making this a great opportunity for landscapers, pressure washers, and other service-based businesses.

Winter Pothole Course

Talk to Our Experts

If you have any questions about asphalt, starting an asphalt business, or how much contractors can really make with this service, you can send us a message or call us for more info.

We have contractor case studies of people thriving in this industry, and our weekly AK Roundtable meeting is free to join for anyone who wants to earn money in pavement maintenance.

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