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There are various factors to think about when looking for a sealcoat machine. Sealcoating Machine tips to utilize the equipment will determine a lot.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on March 15

When you are shopping for a sealcoat machine, there are several things to consider. Much has to do with how often you plan to use the equipment. That may be once or twice a year for homeowners and property managers while contractors will use the equipment on a regular, possibly weekly basis.

Sealcoat Sprayer Works

Regardless of how often you expect to use the equipment, it makes sense to shop for quality. These machines are a big investment—an essential investment!—for contractors.

Homeowners and property managers can save money in the long run by purchasing their own equipment instead of paying a contractor to come out and do the maintenance. So, cost is something to consider. The warranty is also a consideration.

The first step is to do what you are doing right now. You want to read and learn about sealcoat machines and all the options available on the market today. Contact a salesperson who knows a lot about your industry specifically - someone who is a specialist will know a lot more than someone who sells everything from clothing to go-karts!

Take your time when you are comparing the sprayers on the market. A quick decision could cost you in many ways.


How to Use Sealer Spray System

The Advantages of a Sealcoat Machine

There is a definite advantage to choosing a sprayer over spreading the coatings by hand. Contractors need this advantage in order to save time and money. Sprayers are the most cost-effective. They contribute to increased productivity automatically.

Another advantage of using a sealcoat spraying machine, rather than other methods, is that you have the ability to pump the material out when necessary. On areas that need to be cut in, this eliminates the need for messy buckets. It is important for a contractor to look professional. Spills and messy buckets do not convey a professional image.

Sealcoat Edger

Order from a Reputable Company

It is always a good idea to check out the company a little bit before you order from them. It’s not smart to shop only for a low price. Just because a company has the cheapest sealcoat spraying machine does not necessarily mean that the employees will be easy to deal with. Remember that these are the people you will call if you have a problem. Try to establish a good rapport ahead of time and make sure that someone will be available to talk to you if you need help.

All of the systems on the market work in the same basic way, but there are some important differences. The size of the filter pot is one difference that many people fail to consider. The larger the pot, the less often it will need to be cleaned. So a larger pot is an obvious advantage.

If you plan to mix sand with the sealer, you will need an air operated sealcoat machine. Other machines will be damaged quickly by sand and that could void any warranty you may have. Read the fine print and all of the manufacturers’ recommendations before you buy. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting.

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