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Choose the Right Letter Stencils for Painting

Get the right letter stencils for when you need to paint an address or you're a professional who needs to paint parking spaces and roadways.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on February 20

Whether you need to paint an address on the curb in front of your home or you are a professional painting parking spaces and line striping roadways, you need to make sure you have the right stencils for the job. Trying to paint without stencils is simply not possible, at least if you want the writing to be legible. You can find a range of stencil options and kits that can help you with the job. However, you should have a good idea of just what you need before buying. The following information can help make sure you are choosing the best stencils for your needs.


If you need to paint an address on a curb, the best bet is to choose letters and numbers that are between three inches and four inches high. This ensures that they will fit onto the curb, and that they are still going to be very visible. This can help with things such as deliveries, for example. You want the stencils that you choose to be very clear and legible.


Parking Space

Those who are painting a parking space need to make sure that they go quite a bit larger with any numbers or letters they might be painting. You will want to have stencils that are 12 inches high. This size is large enough that drivers in the lot will have no problem seeing the numbers and letters.


No Parking

The stencils used for No Parking areas should be about 24 inches. You need for them to be as easy to read as possible, so there is no confusion from drivers who try to park in those spaces.


Parking Lots and Roadways

Those who are painting roadways and large parking lots will need to have even larger stencils. There are a range of options available, and you can find the ones that will work the best for your jobs.


What Should You Look for in the Stencils?

In addition to getting the proper size for the job, you also need to be aware of a few other factors when you are choosing your letter stencils. First, you need to make sure that you have something that is durable and that will last you in your line of work. If you choose stencils made from quality materials, you can keep on using them for many years. Some of the best options are made from polyethylene.

Another one of the important things you should look for when you are choosing your parking lot letter stencils is in regards to cleaning. You want to keep your stencils in good shape, and you need to clean them if you hope to have those crisp and clear letters just like when you first use the stencil. Again, the polyethylene option works well. You can simply wait until the paint dries and then peel it off, or you can use a solvent that works on the type of paint you have used. It will come off easily.


Visitor's Stencil


The thickness of the stencils is important to consider, too. When you have stencils that are thin, you will find that the letters come out very crisp and easy to see. However, you do not want to choose stencils that are too thin, as they could shift when you are trying to paint. Those that are about an 1/8 of an inch thick tend to work quite well, and the 1/16-inch can be used in some cases. This ensures that all the work you do looks great and truly professional. Whether you are simply painting on your property, or you are doing this as your business, clean and professional work is always important.

As you start to look at your various options, you will notice that some of the stencils come in kits. Take the time to explore the various kits available to find just what you need. Perhaps you only need letters and numbers, but you might also need some full stencils, such as the No Parking or Fire Lane stencils. See what the different kits offer and then order the ones that will meet your needs.

These are the most important elements for you to consider when you are looking to buy stencils. Always make sure that you get the best quality possible. You will find that quality stencils tend to be quite cost effective. This is because they will last you for years. Compare this with the cheaper stencils, such as those made from cardboard or some type of inflexible material. Their lifespan tends to be much less, and if the material is not flexible, there is a chance they could break on you. That is the last thing you want to have happen when you are in the middle of a job.


Get a Variety of Stencils to Have on Hand

If you are choosing stencils, you may want to think about more than just the current jobs that you are getting. While you might only need to have curb stencils now, you could get a contract for parking lots, or other areas that may need larger stencils. In addition, those who are already working on large parking lots and roadways can consider getting some of the smaller stencils to increase the number of potential jobs they could do.

In addition to the letter and number stencils we’ve discussed here, consider some of the other types of stencils you might eventually need. These could include things such as Reserved stencils, Fire Lane stencils, and Handicapped parking spaces.

Now that you have a better idea of the size stencils you will need for different types of applications, as well as the other qualifications for choosing quality stencils, you can buy with much more confidence. They are an essential part of your business, so make sure you are investing wisely. When you do, they will last and you will find out that they are well worth your investment.

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