5 Ways to Give Your Business a Facelift This Summer

Doing a business facelift this summer can take your business to the next level. Get to know the 5 ways now!

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on June 1

Summer is an excellent time for businesses with consumers walking around, exploring, and looking for new favorites. Even with COVID-19 changes, your business can still capture new customers. One trick involves doing a business facelift for 2021 and beyond.

Do a Digital Makeover

Digital presence was essential before the COVID-19 changes, and its importance has only grown. With many options, it can be overwhelming to implement this small business tip. A functional aim can help you narrow the possibilities.

First, look at your small business website. You may have put it up years ago, and that shows in how the aesthetics come together. Changing to a newer theme or layout is an excellent option for a business facelift in 2021. It is investing in a site that does what you need.

Social media is also a significant factor for customers. Many will check it before they buy from you, and you want to ensure it's current. Consider adding a posting plan to your schedule so there's fresh content. One small business tip is using photos of your existing products or displays.

Another possibility is updating your digital assets to reflect any branding changes you may have made in the physical store. By bringing everything to match, you'll present a more cohesive image and do your business facelift for 2021.

Update Displays for Your 2021 Business Facelift

Displays within your store are also a good option for a business facelift in 2021. Displays do many things for your store or restaurant, from showing off your most popular wares to directing the flow of customer experiences.

Minimalism is currently trendy, even with the COVID-19 changes. However, you still need these displays to match your brand. Consider choosing materials and colors that work with your brand, even if you add the color yourself.

Change the Building Trimmings

The building exterior is part of the customers' first impressions. While you may not have complete control, you can work with your landlord. Ensuring your signage, for example, is vibrant and easy to read helps customers find your business.

Paint is another option for providing a physical business facelift in 2021. Whether it's refreshing old paint through pressure washing or adding a new layer, this process changes your business's appearance. The updated and clean look attracts customers.

Another option involves changing the trim colors on your shop exterior as part of your business facelift for 2021. These colors function as accents and draw eyes to your business. If you're renting, you can place them in display windows or using non-permanent solutions.

Invest in Landscaping for 2021

Landscaping can be a strategic asset, especially with the COVID-19 changes. Placing landscaping can help direct traffic, draw eyes, and revitalize the look of your building. Items like planters by the door or healthy medians through the parking lot do the trick.

Greenery often evokes a sense of safety and life. By adding greenery, even if it's fake plants, you can evoke those feelings in customers and tie them to your store. The small business tip is particularly useful while everyone is on edge from COVID-19.

If you're part of a larger shopping complex, you could also organize your fellow complex stores. By collectively organizing and sharing the burden, the whole complex benefits from the increased greenery.

Improve Your Parking Lot

Your parking lot has also become an essential part of your business with the changes COVID-19 caused. That's where drive-through and curbside pickup occur, as well as where some people choose to eat rather than inside.

An additional consideration is outdoor dining. Many places have moved that out onto their asphalt. That means the pavement surface is part of their experience with your establishment. Taking care of the parking lot reflects well for you.

The most obvious issue for many parking lots is the cracks and potholes. Not only are they unsightly, but each also represents a safety hazard. People can stumble on these, twist an ankle, or fall. Fortunately, these are relatively straightforward repairs.

Another way to spruce up your parking lot as part of a 2021 business facelift is sealcoating and striping. These two processes return your asphalt to a like-new look and help prevent future damages.


First impressions definitely last, especially when it comes to parking lots. Whether you manage a hospital or a church, you know how important aesthetics and first impressions are for the people using your establishment. Read our hospital or church case studies to see how asphalt maintenance can change your parking lot for the better.

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