Asphalt Maintenance Equipment You Need to Get More Hours in the Day

Don't limit your productivity in a day. Using these best asphalt maintenance equipment can make every job more efficient.

Judson Burdon
Posted by Judson Burdon on August 13

Often, productivity is limited by how many hours you have sunlight and the speed that your crew can perform each task. The best asphalt maintenance solutions involve equipment that makes every job more efficient.

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Why Use Lights? 

Dusk is when more asphalt maintenance companies call it a day. However, it’s often the most convenient time for asphalt sealcoating among commercial clients. After all, that’s when their stores are closed, and you do not need to worry about rearranging cars.

Work lights are an excellent asphalt maintenance solution for night work. You can go for the all-in-one solutions with built-in generators or piece together a system on your own. High wattage lights make it easy to see how sealcoating jobs are coming along.

What is a Sealcoat Edger? 

Traditionally, sealcoating an edge requires two people or one person working slowly. The process also typically wastes more sealcoating material than necessary. The easy asphalt maintenance equipment solution is a sealcoat edger.

Sealcoat Edger

Sealcoat edgers are specially designed to attach to any asphalt maintenance spraying solution. With it, a single person can apply a straight edge without any chance of overspray. Asphalt Kingdom also designed the sealcoat edger to waste as little product as possible.

What is the Purpose of Rotary Broom Sweepers? 

Rotary broom sweepers are an asphalt maintenance surface preparation solution. These brooms run over the surface and immediately provide debris removal, all without the water problem a pressure washer has.

Using a sweeper can save your crew hours of labor removing dirt, moss, leaves, and other debris. You know how necessary this asphalt equipment solution is for delivering top-quality products as well as increasing productivity.

Rotary Broom

Why use Blowers? 

Depending on where you live, a blower may be a handy piece of asphalt maintenance equipment. Whether you use a wheeled one or a backpack blower, you can quickly remove the loose debris from the surface you need to sealcoat.

This asphalt maintenance solution is typically most useful in the spring and autumn. At this point, many plants are dropping leaves, flower petals, and other items that can ruin sealcoating jobs. Using a blower is much more efficient than a broom.

Asphalt Blowers

What is a Crack Cleaning Machine? 

Crack cleaning machines are another asphalt maintenance solution that increases productivity and prevents crew fatigue. These replace the wire brooms and brushes that your crew uses to remove debris from the cracks.

A crack cleaning machine lets your crew blast out debris using a powerful engine rather than physical strength. This asphalt maintenance equipment also delivers a more uniform job. That means you can promise high-quality crack repair too.

What Are Stencils?

Careful free drawing can only go so far as an asphalt maintenance solution. Stencils for letters and numbers allow your crew to deliver a consistent line for labeling. You can also combine these into whatever combination the customer needs, which is valuable.

Stencils are a must-have asphalt maintenance equipment for consistent line work

In addition to sets of letter and number stencils, you can also get parking lot stencils ofwhole words. Common ones like ‘fire lane’ or ‘reserved’ can increase productivity. Additionally, this asphalt maintenance solution is less frustrating than assembling the phrases each time.

Ride-On Upgrades

Many of your standard asphalt maintenance equipment solutions have available ride-on upgrades. These tend to increase productivity since the crew member is directing rather than pushing. It also decreases fatigue overall.

If you want to implement this asphalt maintenance productivity solution, consider which machines your company uses most. Those should be the first upgrades so your crews can be even more productive each time.

Squeegee Machines

Squeegee machines should be a consideration as you grow. These machines replace the sealcoat spraying asphalt maintenance equipment you started with. In general, they increase productivity significantly since one person can ride on and do a whole parking lot quickly.

In general, squeegee machines are a quick way to deliver a quality product. However, their price reflects that. Some business owners prefer spray systems as more scalable and better able to offer an even sealcoat.

Not sure which investment is best for your business right now? Asphalt Kingdom is here to help with our experience in the asphalt maintenance industry. The call is free, and we’re dedicated to finding the right solutions for your situation. Get in touch with us at 1-866-399-5562. 

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